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  1. Â Tokio Hotel fans were queuing for 2 weeks, here in Lisbon! :LOL: There's people crazier than us. But maybe it's better arrive in the morning. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Hello! I'm from Lisbon and I'm going to Madrid gig with two friends from the forum. We arrive the day before but we need to know how's the things in Spain. People use to queue very early? What time do you think we should be there to try the barrier? Thanks and hope to meet some of you there. :musesign:
  3. :kiss::kiss::kiss:

    I miss you sweetie....

    Como foi regressar a casa? Já conseguiste entrar na realidade? ;)

  4. Hi there people, Last friday, on my mail box, there was a letter from my bank (finally) saying that , as it was 2 years ago, I have 2 free tickets for RiR, and I just have to choose the day that I prefer. Woohoo! I wonder wich day I will choose then??? :D
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