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    by me ;)

    by the hypocrisy in my mind
    it gnaws through the ropes
    only to tie them back up again
    only to apologize for the damage
    then smirk sardonically
    and shred them apart
    I constrain myself
    only to be free again

    © 2008~Tricia A. Walter
  • Location
    Bumblef*ck, Wisconsin, US
  • Interests
    *playing drums (my first love), guitar, harmonica, and making noise on my synthesizer, and just took up the bass
    *writing (mainly poems and short stories)
    *drawing and making clay abominations
    *the supernatural
  • Occupation
    porn star stunt double ;P
  • Gender
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  • Favourite Bands
    well, I think the first one is obvious ;)
    *Concrete Blonde
    *Pink Floyd
    *Oingo Boingo
    *Flight of the Conchords
    *Johnny Cash
    *Rosemary Clooney
    *Duran Duran
    *Queens of the Stone Age
    *Tom Waits
    *Stone Temple Pilots
    *Nine Inch Nails
    *Skinny Puppy
    *Scissor Sisters
    *The Turtles
    *The White Stripes
    ...and more...
  • Favourite Films
    seriously...do you have a few days...um...
    *Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back is still the best)
    *The Exorcist
    *Alien and Aliens
    *Dr. Strangelove
    *The Blues Brothers
    *The Lion in Winter
    *the Harry Potter movies (so far Prisoner of Azkaban is my fave)
    *The Princess Bride
    *Kill Bill 1&2
    *Brotherhood of the Wolf
    *My Neighbor Totoro
    *House of Flying Daggers
    *Godzilla movies (NOT the Matthew Broderick one!)
    *A Clockwork Orange
    *Shaun of the Dead
    *Boondock Saints
    *An American Werewolf in London
    *Dark City
    *the Harold & Kumar movies
    *Clerks 1&2
    *Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
    *Death at a Funeral
    *V for Vendetta
    *Disney's Sleeping Beauty
    *Kung Fu Hustle
    *The Incredibles
    *The Prestige
    *Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
    *The Dark Crystal
    *Metropolis (original)
    *Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde (silent film)
    *Batman Begins

    ...and MANY more
  • Favourite TV Shows
    *Doctor Who
    *Flight of the Conchords
    *Black Adder
    *Monty Python's Flying Circus
    *Fawlty Towers
    *Family Guy
    *Robot Chicken
    *Dirty Jobs
    *Little Britain
    *Absolutely Fabulous
    *Are You Being Served
    *The X-Files
    *Battlestar Galactica
    *all the Law & Orders
    *Top Gear
    *My Family
    *Ghost Hunters
    *Real Sex
  • Favourite Books
    *The Lord of the Flies
    *anything by Poe
    *just about everything by Anne Rice
    *War of the Worlds
    *the Harry Potter series
    *Dragonlance Chronicles
    *The Hobbit
    *To Reign in Hell
    *A Dirty Job
    *Watership Down
    *Angela's Ashes
    *Angels and Demons
  • Muse Releases Owned
    no dvd's or vinyls :(
    yeah, I'm loser material

    but...I do have their cd's
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    haven't seen them, yet...and I stress YET!

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  1. well the wildfire here in socal got pretty close to our neighborhood....been choking on the smoke and baking in the heat (no a/c :( ) and trying to get my pooh together to go to the uk in october. work sux and other than that? oh...been to a few shows, mostly franz...which was fun...and then ... blaaah de blah blah blah :chuckle:

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