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  1. hope all goes well, today, at the interview. Remember...if all else fails...naughty dance ;) Love you

  2. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Have any plans? Wish you were closer (or vice versa) so that we could hang out. :)

    Love ya!!

  3. you fully recovered? I'm still at home sick. Feels like it's moving into my chest/lungs; still have a fever that will not break. Hope school is going well.

    Love you

  4. How are you feeling? Hope you are doing better. I'm home sick, and it's been snowing all day. Already have a couple of inches on the ground

  5. feel better...NOW! ;) Love you!

  6. thank you. Hope you have a good day, as well

  7. thanks. Unfortunately, it wasn't even good. lol But, there's always tomorrow. :)

  8. well, had to file for bankruptcy in order to keep my house. Trying to keep up on payments for that. In the meantime, work cut hours for a bit, so that isn't helping. And I seem to be "losing" cartilage in my left knee. Other than that...things are swell. ;) Seriously though...things could be worse, so I shouldn't complain too much. How are you?

  9. BACON!! I know you've missed that ;)

  10. HAPPY BIRFDAY!! Wish I was there to give you a BIG birthday hug! Love you!

  11. AW! He's adorable!! But...where is his pink tutu? :(


    Thanks, hun!!

    love you

  12. I'm in the 7th row...in the center for Flight of the Conchords on the 2nd of May!! :D


    love you!!

  13. Woke up with a very sore throat and bad cough. Fever is slight, and I have a runny nose. Hopefully just a cold. I am just so sick...of being sick.

    Going to watch the Super Bowl. Talk to you later...

    love you!

  14. I spent most of the day looking up places to submit my writings to and doing laundry. woo hoo ;)

    Going to try and relax for a bit. Terrible nausea all day, but at least there is no headache.

    Hope you are feeling better!!


  15. Love you, too!

    Hope homework is coming along well, and that you are feeling better.


  16. I'm meh. lol

    Got the mail! THANK YOU!!

    I've been watching Ghost Hunters and some past Colbert Reports on-line. I'll probably watch more Grover stuff later. :D

    Love you! :kiss:

  17. *runs in. waves. runs away* ;)

    how are you, hun?

  18. Diane, hun...

    how are you?!

  19. BACON!

    I can't eat bacon anymore :(

  20. made it back in safely. No animal attacks or bigfoot sightings. ;)

    Talk to you later tonight. Have a good day, hun!

    love you!

  21. I slept two hours. Been coughing pretty much nonstop. Cough medicine isn't doing shit. lol

    I'll "talk" to you later. :)

    hope you are having a good day!!

    Love ya!! :kiss:

  22. Thank you. I really need those hugs, today. It's been terrible

  23. Got an hour of sleep. woo hoo But, I'm pretty awake...right now. lol

    Spending the day with my bro (it's his birthday). And, as a gift, I gave him my flu. ;)

    Oh...and he got the job :D He starts training tomorrow.

    I feel crappy. My mom picked up lozenges, though. I can't eat much. Like I said, though, I am pretty awake.

    ew...that weather sounds lovely.

    I'll talk to you later tonight :kiss:

  24. I'll give you some sugar ;)


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