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    i'm so adjective...i verb nouns!
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    singing,reading books(of course)...
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    beauty attendant
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    weezer,the verve,arctic monkeys,the cardigans,keane, audioslave, the killers, radihead,one republic, foo fighters,smashing pumpkins,etc..
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    black comedy/comedy films, and something realistic movie...
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    john grisham,david baldacci..
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    cd's only...
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    my oh my...i wish i've had..but i think that's impossible for me to happen.lucky for you guys! give my hugs and kisses to them, esp. matt!
  1. lol u stole my pic!

  2. your welcome! nope, we don't know each other yet...just needed a friend here, i guess. so, are we good?

  3. hey thanks for the add! but was it just a random one or do we already know each other? Ü

  4. hi, been searching for pinoys here..finally, nakita ko rin kayo...can you add me up? pls kip n touch..thanx, by the way..

  5. fall

    hey, no problem

  6. hey guys...guess we're all muse - o - holic! just droppin' by to say hi!

  7. fall

    hello, welcome!

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