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  1. Not live, but yeah, kinda.

    Did you see VMAs?

  2. I'm quite well, thank you :)

    What about you?


  3. hey :)

    sorry for my massive absence, but i got a lot to do... i hope you're alright?

    greetings from chicago

    haylie xxx

  4. Where the heck are you, stefko?!

    Your fangirl is driving insane now!

  5. So what do you say?

    I'm kinda disappointed tbh

  6. There are tons of mysel as well xD

    I assume you've seen twilight until now?

  7. Ah, not EVERY single pic :noey:

  8. Ha, how did you know?! xD

  9. Happy Birthday Anne :)

  10. Well. I was busy in LA, had no internet for a couple of days.

    Nope, no plans on coming to the UK, too busy I'm affraid. That's great.

  11. Hey dear.

    What's up?

  12. Merry Christmas my dear Stefko :)

  13. Just to make sure you read what i just posted :p

    He is not like shown in the media :noey: Not at all. Even on the DVD you can tell that. He says himself that he's the most uncool person on earth and that there's nothing special about him but actually this IS the one special thing. I don't know how to explain, he's just like one of the most amazing persons i've ever met and probably will ever meet. just his whole attitude... he's such an interesting character with all his not so great and with all his incredible features that i find it hard to believe that anyone could still hate him after meeting him in person

    No not himself xD They were all sold withing the first 24h i guess

  14. :LOL: Maybe he didn't want to let me go ;) aaah, wishfulness :p

    Ay we got to talk about weight :facepalm: Dumb topic, isn't it? :rolleyes:

    And what are you doing on new year's eve?


  15. AM :(

    Long time no see. What have you been up to?

    I recently chattet with Pete :chuckle: So excited for New Years Eve :)

    Hope you'll have a nice Christmas...



  16. Stefko :(

    Miss ya much, dear. Where the heck are you? Seems like PMT has run dead at the moment, huh?

    Merry Christmas!

  17. Of course I won't forget, I promise :p But don't be too disappointed if he won't :)

    Merry Christmas!

  18. 5:30pm at the moment.

  19. Manic Panic :rolleyes: They have all kinds of shades. Or I used Attomic Hair Dye for the pink.

  20. No reason to envy lol

    Hmm let's see whether he'll remembers me, he liked my hair xD

  21. I don't know whether he'd remember, we'll see I think.

  22. Acutally I don't think I have to lie, what would it do for me? Nothing. I'm not saying we're friends or something, he just invited me and that's all. I bet he can't even remember my name when we meet at New Year's Eve.

    o.O You haven't?

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