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    Origin of Symmetry,
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    V 2008
  1. my phone wont let me upload pictures but theres more pictures of the band than normal, and apart from that its variations on the big hexagon thing, on the last page theres an awesome one where the path leads to a load of big colourful planets, some of them cut through to the core. very cool, sorry to tease though haha
  2. out of this world was out of this world. i'll get my coat..
  3. i second the notion of newborn assassin. :)

  4. isn't this great! i can't imagine ever having posted messages like this for anyone else. i was a bit like the thread starter - a mixture of getting guitar hero 3 which has knights and getting tickets for v2008 made me get into muse. i always knew they were hyped as a great live band, and i bought black holes and revelations, and was amazed. then i went to v. some people said it was too much a commercial gig for muse, but i was blown away, one of the most incredible experiences ever. i've since bought all the albums and dvds, and my singles collection has started. its been incrediblle - muse isn't just music, it's an experience, and i can't believe even more people havent been converted. sorry, i'll stop now
  5. this downloadable stuff sounds great! you can see in my picture - my footage from stafford at v wasnt great. let me know when its up! cheers, and keep it up! :D

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