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  1. Following "An Unnecessary Biography", my fourth album "Unlucky For Some" is now available. It's available on CD, through iTunes and on Amazon MP3 (Link coming soon). The album consists of twelve tracks, as well as a bonus track (which varies depending on the purchase source). You can hear 30-second previews on iTunes and on my site. I also have the full version of the track "Red Letter Day" available to listen to in the video on youtube, too. This album takes a lot of inspiration from the likes of Muse, Placebo, Madina Lake, Franz Ferdinand, and Ash, so if you're a fan of any of those, feel free check out my tracks on iTunes or my site!
  2. Hey! how's it going?

  3. The intro sounds like Muse. The outro isn't Muse, but it sounds fitting to Muse. The middle is just a mixture of Queen and, well, some sort of classical. Can't remember off the top of my head. But Muse always sounded like Muse. They never sounded like anyone else (despite what the Radiohead lovers say) but with this they do. And I don't hate it, but I prefer Muse-Muse. The same thing happened to Ash recently, with their song "Return of White Rabbit", which sounds NOTHING like the band's other stuff. It's good in it's own right, and I enjoy the song, but I much prefer them sounding like themselves. Same situation.
  4. Well since some of the songs are meant to sound a bit more like "Map of the Problematique", I'm not throwing a tantrum yet. I like the song, definitely, but the sound is NOT Muse... at least not the general sound I associate them with, anyway. Here's hoping songs like "MK ULTRA" and "Exo-genesis" live up to their names and are quite sci-fi sounding.
  5. Haha it's because it's now the only venue you can see live, local bands in Lincoln Anyway, the reason I'm posting, after being inspired by , I made two 8-Bit-style remixes of two of my songs. http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/67320/8%20bit%20substiture.mp3 - 8 Bit "Substiture" http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/67320/8%20Bit%20Distress%20to%20impress.mp3 - 8 Bit "Distress to Impress" Hooray for MIDI?
  6. Was that with Aurora Promotions? Which venue was that? Lincoln is a fucking Graveyard for musicians. It's shit. But awesome, non-the-less! Congrats. Wish I'd have known sooner because I would have come down and seen you guys...
  7. http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/67320/04%20Substiture%20%5B2%5D.mp3 C&C?
  8. Prepare for the Attack. I wrote this song about a year and a half ago, just after I released my third album. However, because I recorded it on my recording studio, I wanted to retry with Garageband. Took me a day, and it's still not COMPLETELY finished (need to add backing vocals), but it's got about five different guitar parts, three bass, drums, four vocals (for compression), Piano, Synth, and strings. Anyway, yeah... looking for feedback to improve it, as I hope to make a music video for it at college next term, which would be cool.
  9. I hate Muse. I listened to them once and didn't want another sound to grace my ears ever again
  10. I play the Guitar, the Bass Guitar, the cello (ugh), a bit of keyboard, some drums, a bit of Melodion and I can kinda play the Psaltery.
  11. Without Matt there wouldn't be Muse, right?
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