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  1. Good point. DI really grew on me, and I was uncomfortable with it at first. First listen of Revolt, I was like "Huh? Sort of cheesy." Then second and third listens I really started enjoying it. It's very catchy. I like the guitar solo.
  2. Don't get the hate for this song. Not counting JFK and Drill Sargent, which obviously aren't songs, and Drones, which is more of a concept a cappella closer, Revolt is the worst song on the album. But despite being the worst song on the album, it's pretty catchy. I like the song, but I can see why some people are hating it. Still, for me this song represents how strong the overall album is. It's the worst song (or one of the worst depending on how much you like Drones), but still enjoyable. The Handler and Reapers are two of their very best songs. Defector is very good. Psycho, Dead Inside, The Globalist, Aftermath, are all solid, and one of the latter two could grow into something more after repeated listens.
  3. Some mega-haters up in here. Revolt is nothing special, but it's a catchy upbeat song. The people who say it's offensively awful are crazy. Also think people are selling The Globalist short. A fine song, with tons of Queen in the last couple minutes. Although anyone that hates Queen also likely hates the last part of the song, obviously. This is definitely their best album since Absolution. My favorites at the moment are The Handler, Reapers, Defector. Psycho and Dead Inside are rock solid songs, with Psycho being awesome live and DI also being very good live (really enjoyed it at Webster Hall). Looking forward to more listens of Aftermath. Very happy with the album.
  4. Awesome, awesome song. Pure Muse. Chris really kicks ass on it. Great drumming from Dom and nice vocals from Matt. So excited to hear the rest of the record.
  5. I know what you're saying, but on other songs that are too "trebly", I don't experience the same discrepancy in sound that I did with this song. I'm sure that's the main reason, but it just seems like there's something else going on.
  6. Funny you mention the drums. The drums didn't sound great to me on my headphones. But they sounded MUCH better on my car stereo. Usually it's the other way around (with everything usually sounding better on headphones, picking up more sonic details on headphones as well). The degree to which the production and mix sounded so different on my car stereo really took me by surprise.
  7. Every single big band has a big radio hit that bores their hardcore fans but that average fans love hearing at shows. And Muse and every big band will always play those radio hits/singles to appease the average concert goer.
  8. Have you guys seen this? The "official" teaser trailer for Drones, featuring a snippet from "The Globalist". I've been following the thread for the past few days and haven't seen anything about, so my apologies if I missed it.
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