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  1. Ahhhh sorry i was trying to wrap my head around the whole concept, my apologies!!
  2. It was released in 4k, they released it into cinemas with 4k capabilities i thought, it would of defeated the purpose of filming it in 4k if they couldn't even show it in 4k in cinemas i would of thought.
  3. hahaha, sammyboy, i was just trolling, i have actually known you via muse forums for ages, you will be a fantastic moderator. : )
  4. Bach's legal team are going to be all up Muse's ass about this. This is going to blow the top off the Music world. You may have just ruined the rest of Muse's career, good one you fool.
  5. why would a band do a full 1.5hr soundcheck
  6. Exactly, plus there are worse things they could be doing. Let them smoke as much as they want.
  7. Well, not only was that a waste of my time it was a waste of the soft-tissue in my ear.
  8. It's the whole of Australia i think, i think it may be because some girl died in one at a smashing pumpkins gig awhile ago, i think that's it, don't quote me on that though. So good. Best bootleg yet.
  9. is it the same as the fanmaderecordings one?
  10. http://fanmaderecordings.blogspot.com/2010/12/muse-rod-laver-arena-2010-12-15.html
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