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    I change my hair colour multiple times a year. I laugh at completely inappropriate times. I don't know the names of my favourite bands songs. I find piercings entralling... and I really love pasta.
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    Taking Back Sunday, AFI, Foos, The Cure, Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins, Bullet, Biffy..
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    Scrubs, Friends, American Dad.. I find it funnier than Family Guy!! emm.. Greys Anatomy..
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    I'm such a nerd.. I love Harry Potter.
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    I've never seen them live! :( BUT, Marley Park August 13th.. I will so be there! YAY! :D
  1. Don't get a taxi, they'll rip you off. Buses go from the airport every few minutes and it would be a whole lot cheaper. Clubs like Tripod, Whelans, Barcode.. em.. Spirit.
  2. I've to get a lovely bus for aprox 5 hours to get to Marley park! But oh so worth it! I'm screwed if its rains... i've got nothing.. shoyyt. I'll be the one looking like a drowned rat!
  3. Ya I have the pin.. but i'm thinkin i'll be far too drunk to do any of the sort. Wooo.. I am sooooo freakin excited. I actually do not give a shit about the results! I'll get them the next day or something.. Woooooooo MUSE!
  4. Im so very very very very very very very excited about seeing muse as ive never seen them gig before!! I know I know, shame on me. But better late then never right!!! I dont even care that I probably wont get my exam results!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooooo MUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Heyyylooo! I'm IRISH! I just joined this message board.. like literally 2 mins ago! Hi. *waves*
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