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    13 Years Old & Chinese.
    ♥Matthew Bellamy♥
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    Internet, Muse of course, Play the Piano & Guitar, Play Badminton, Go to the Cinema.. etc.
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    Linkin Park, Coldplay, All Time Low, Takashi Sorimachi, Jay Chou, Evanescence, Dexter Soundtrack, Olivia Lufkin, Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Movies Soundtrack, Mcfly, Katy Perry, Alexandre Desplat, Steve Jablonsky, All American Rejects, L'Arc~En~Ciel ...
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    Kung Fu Hustle, Bourne Saga, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, X-Men 2, Spider man 1, [REC], Shaolin Soccer, CJ7, Casino Royale, The Dark Knight, Watchmen, Quantum Of Solace, Red Cliff, The Good The Bad The Weird, Twilight, Interview With The Vampire, Valkyrie, Night At The Museum, Star Trek XI (2009), Terminator Salvation, The Devil Wears Prada, The Indestructible, Butterfly Effect, Transformers 1, 2012, Avatar, Juno, Mulan, The Little Mermeid, Step Up 2 The Street, Confessions of a Shopaholic, About A Boy, Kick-Ass, Thirst ...
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    Dexter, Chuck, Merlin, Reaper, Skins, Doctor House, Fringe, Supernatural, Pushing Daisies, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles, South Park, Angel, Malcolm, True Blood, The Big Bang Theory, Being Human, Vampire Diaries, Moonlight, V, Misfits, Glee, The Mentalist, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Coffee Prince, GTO, Gossip Girl ...
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    Twilight Saga, Harry Potter Saga, Dexter Saga, Vampire Diaries Saga, Angels And Demons, Jumper, Reflex, The Southern Vampire Mysteries Saga, Maximum Ride Saga ...


    Ubel Blatt, Naruto, Rosario+Vampire, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Ao No Exorcist, Blue Dragon, Beelzebub, Wolfguy, One Piece, Slam Dunk, Psyren, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Yakitate Japan, GTO, XxX Holic, DN Angel, Deadman Wonderland ...
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    HAARP, Black Holes And Revelations, The Resistance, Absolution, Showbiz, Hullabalo, Origin Of Symmetry, Muse grey The resistance T-shirt
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    Stade de France, PARIS, 12.06.10
  1. 北京奧運會太好看了!! Muse at London opening ceremony? Hum... No Because if thay play, they just will be Muse fan in the stadium
  2. Yes I know that, I'm waiting for the confirmation But I really want to see them..
  3. Hum I listenned to Starlight in 2006 but I didn't know who was singing it... And I really enjoy et LOVE Muse in 2008, after Hysteria & Time is running out.♥♥
  4. Hi everyone!! I'm actually in China, & I'm really happy Muse will come to China play!! 我真喜歡他們的歌啊... 你們知不知道MUSE回去中國哪个地方? 'Cause I want to go & see them!!!
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