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  1. AH OKAY


    Because then I can send you pictures while I'm out and about :awesome:

  2. Did you ever end up upgrading to Mountain Lion?


    If so message me bb x

  3. Terrible root.


    Would not go back.


    0.5 stars.

  4. It's bloody cold :LOL: it snowed within like three hours of me arriving. Yesterday Arna, Jono and Arna's best friend and I went into London and saw some of the famous stuff which was well cool. Plus I used the tube trains which were SO PACKED D: you know how busy the trains were after BDO? Amplify that by like ten :LOL:


    But nah so far it's cool. On Sunday I'm heading down to where my job is but for now I'm just chilling at Arna's and she lives a bit north of London.

  5. Hyacinth Buckeeeeeeet

  6. I walked the 100m walk to the beach today.



  7. I'll be going into (near) London to meet up with my sister before mum arrives, so this should be possible :yesey: we'll see what happens. I can't really make any promises until a bit closer to the time :LOL:

  8. Alas I cannot, my mother is arriving in the country that week. Glastonbury goes until July 1st and mum arrives on the 15th I think :chuckle:

  9. Well...it just depends :LOL: I've got a really busy summer with work/Glastonbury/mother visiting from NZ and etc etc. I'll possibly find a day or two somewhere.

  10. Matt (Matthijs) took my place! And it's no real big reason, just that I'd had enough of it really. AND NOW IT'S FOUR DAYS D:

  11. Nah Will said she's pretty neat with stuff like that. In fact I jokingly said to Will I'd call her something like C-Nizzle D-Wizzle and he passed it on and she cracked up laughing :chuckle:


    Shyness ain't too much of a worry in a group, but it's more about actually being able to get there than that :LOL: chances of me having a Saturday off are very slim. Plus it depends where in the UK I am. Many details!

  12. Nah, I quit for many reasons. Maybe one day in the future I'll come back but I do doubt it, for now I shall just deal!


    If you remind me about the vlog, I'll watch it next week. Going to sister's place for a couple of days so will have Internet then! And ikr, 6 days left in NZ D:

  13. Well they're like three of my favourite people in general, just helps they're Musers! Will's mum is gonna be there too, I'm so gonna call her Momma D


    Nah I'll let him do his thing :$ /shy

    That and I know you'd ask me to say what he looked like

  14. It's well neat! At least I have funtiemz awaiting me at the airport even if I'm jetlagged to fuckery :chuckle:


    Yeah one of my best friends goes to JMU, so maybe I'll run into Tom :awesome:

  15. Nah my sister is all good with that kind of stuff. I told her not to come to Heathrow because forum people were meeting me :LOL: I'll only be at her's for a couple of days then might be heading to Liverpool and maybe Will's pad

  16. When I get to my sister's place in Hertford I should have a wee bit of Internet in your time zone so I'll try to reply then :happy:

  17. Sorryyyyyyyyy


    I still need to reply to your PM, but I've only been on a laptop once :(

  18. Not even a mod anymore :'(


    Not seen video, I'm away on holiday so only have phone! Also only got a bit of phone Internet left so trying to savour it before I leave. And nah not bush fires, just Tasmania on the news for that. It was about this guy whose wife planned to kill him D:



    Bendigo is on TV :awesome:

  20. Ah don't worry lad, I'm only poking fun at you. Your comments may irk me now and then because as was mentioned they come across as rather delusional, but you didn't do anything wrong today. Just relax, you're bearable :p

  21. I totally didn't get a notification for this D:


    I'm only on my phone for the next 10 days so unfortunately I am of no use to you :(

  22. HEY I won best mod too :phu:


    I gave it away really :LOL: new mod should hopefully be announced in the near future.

  23. I quit a couple of weeks ago, I was just going to wait out the rest of the year and also for the awards and stuff. MANY REASONS WHY.

  24. I apologise! There was some major behind the scenes fails and then it kinda all got lumped on me which is okay :LOL:


    Not that it's going to concern me in a couple of days, I lose my mod hat :awesome:

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