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  1. Gemsy's pub argument was perfect, I don't know what else there is to argue. You're just looking like absolute homophobes by even attempting to make some sort of point


    You're in a public context on the board as much as you like to think the love boats are your own little private world, people are bound to somehow be offended by what you do. YOU lot need to learn about context. You wouldn't start talking about how xx is a fucking cunt and yy is a town bike while sitting around an old couple


    Argue about the demographics and shit all you want, Gemsy put it perfectly. This is just like a pub with your friends. You wouldn't scream racial slurs out loud there so doing it here is no different


    Go on keyboard warriors, come at me and continue to make fools of yourselves

  2. I got the Dead Star/Micro Cuts riffs my first gig and got the full thing my second gig. I was happy but I didn't really think of it as much more than that. I really find it hilarious how serious people take things like Matt playing a fucking riff.


    People need to stop taking everything the band do as some sort of 'message' to the fans. If they play a riff, chances are it's because they decided to play the riff, not Matt 'reaching out' to the dedication of what people have done. SBE was an obvious exception to that though.


    The band are just normal people too, they're not gods.

  3. I had a good time. I enjoyed watching the bands because I enjoy seeing bands perform. I like seeing rappers perform to but it's a completely different gig. I can honestly say I wouldn't mind if it was a decent rapper, I just think Dizzee is stupidly annoying and pretty much shit.


    Could be worse, it could be N-Dubz :eek:


    I can't stand Dizzee's music either but he's good live. Just get over the snobbery and have fun, if you go there to hate it then you're only going to mar your whole gig experience. Sure, there are better acts Muse could've chosen but we've got Dizzee. Be happy - there's always someone worse it could be.

  4. ooh thankyou! :kiss:


    of course not you wally. so was Muse arrogant when they offered the Shepherds Bush gig free to fans? im not 100% sure but i think it was all people from here that all went.


    In 2006, social networking was still mostly up and coming so it wasn't as easy for pseudo-fans to catch a whiff and want to attend, so while the majority of people were from here, it would've been mostly a fans only gig because it wouldn't have been broadcasted everywhere that they were playing SBE. A 'fans only' gig like the one you mean is nigh on impossible these days with how easy it is to broadcast information out now. No matter what way Muse tried to make it fans only, it never will be because of it being passed on somehow. NME will post an article being all "MUSE TO PLAY SECRET FAN ONLY GIG" and therefore defeat the purpose.

  5. Once again you fail to understand what cracking is. :p


    His voice is shaky, but there's no crack.


    I don't claim to be knowledgeable of vocals anyway, I just like observing things like that :LOL: ANYWAY. Point is that a lot of artists I like seem to go down the same pathway, and I'm hoping that Bellamy doesn't too (i.e. losing control on higher notes). Don't want him getting polyps and the like.

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