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  1. annual visit to board, [insert words about how you're amazing etc]

  2. what happened here?! 300 active users wat


    there was like 10k when i was last around, coincidence?

  3. I am awful but it's mainly because you're the only person I still use the board to talk to anymore :LOL:


    You're more than welcome to visit any time! I go back down south in February to resume general university related ongoings (nb: not actually attending uni) and I'll probably stay down there for a wee while yet. I also am in the middle of nowhere, it's so fucking boring being home :'( at least you're getting experience I guess, are you doing SLT related work?

  4. (sorry I am doing my tri-monthly log in to the board)


    I got through my (second) first year of uni! This time I didn't fuck around and actually achieved things :LOL: passed everything and now I'm back home for the summer, looking forward to next year where I can have all the fun :awesome: I'll be student flatting, but in NZ it's not quite so...well, awful haha


    How is life etc etc??

  5. HEY


    I don't think we've spoken since I left you in Ghent :LOL: how was/is the placement in Newbury? I apologise for my general absence from life/anything internet related but uni has been a little bit of a rollercoaster in a good way haha. I am a bit far from returning to the board in any capacity but the thought is always nice

  6. Surprise surprise, I'm not dead

  7. And I always enjoy your face <3

  8. I'm so sorry, I was horrendously drunk. In fact I am again

  9. Fittttttttttttttttaaaaayyyyyyyyy.

  10. Joooooooooooohhhhhnnnnnnnnn.

  11. I just want to start doing quick three/four day trips to places while I can, it's a bit tiresome to ALWAYS work as much as I do. I know they'll probably get all shitty because I am having so much time off and then am asking for more but mehhhhhh to them. I've worked there 9 months now and asked for minimal time off, it's the least I deserve! I'm gonna try to a lot of trip planning and stuff this evening, I'll see where you fit in.


    And of course I have fun stories, but you have to ask, I don't just tell them...

  12. I've only got four days off between the 5th and 19th anyway, I've got 12 days off at the end of June for Glastonbury/concerts/funtiemz. It'll probably be end of July if I do at any point. Is there much to do in Ghent? I'll want to see a bit more of Belgium than just that...


    Having a life, get you! I'm always a bit hungover I think... You don't have like 17 exams again do you?

  13. No, for once I'll actually not be silent!


    Was just wondering how things were with you. I still need to visit you in Belgium, I'm starting to make some plans for my Europe travels so I need to know where and when :happy:

  14. Don't ever say I don't love you.


    I came on the board just to say hello!

  15. Hope you liked my snapchat babe ;)

  16. Was nice seeing you last night! I don't actually remember saying bye to you though - did I just walk off? :LOL:

  17. I'm going to be there at about 12:30 but I'm spending the afternoon with my sister, so I'll probably get to SBE at about 5:30ish with Will. I'll make sure to actually turn up this time :awesome: this time I have a non-refundable £55 concert ticket, last time I got a refund for my train ticket :LOL:

  18. Hey Laure, you're going to the SBE gig right?

  19. Yo Alex.


    I see you creepin' at 3:29am. I like that.

  20. AT SOME POINT. I've got a mini-holiday on the 18th to 21st, we'll see. I'll be at Will's for a couple of days too so we might do a group Skype again. Either way, I'd say probably that week will be when I'm next properly available.

  21. Can we Skype pls? Just typing, cannot talk.

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