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  1. Ymt is boring without you:(


    Tough titties, eh? :p you'll be fine, another NZer/Aussie will come along and take my place soon :awesome:

  2. I love you bbz! (: (: my beauTiful muse. 5683 968.(i love you :-) (: )



  3. The Phoenix Foundation were in the second BDO announcement. I might go now, you keen Sam? :awesome:


    I'll probably be heading down the Manawatu way mid-January too.


    I never leave Non-Muse, you're lucky I just happened to wander around a bit :p

    Err, I'd maybe go. I do really love some of the acts there now, but the problem is, it's $140 :supersad: I have come into money recently, however :shifty:


    I'm glad you're an NZer, I could pull the old 'I met you at a party' thing :LOL:

  4. I never go out :(


    ...other than school :indiff:

    Me neither. :(


    Sometimes I do with my friends (when they actually want me to go out with them; you see most of my friends are girls) but other than that, no. I'd love to more often.


    *has quoted from the YMT, because I'm cool like that*


    :kiss: trust me, I am exactly the same as you :LOL: I never get to go anywhere because all my friends are girls, and it's kinda like I'm just the annoying tagalong :indiff: also, I'm not a girl, so I can't talk about girly stuff with them :(


    I need some guy friends, but no-one wants to be my friend here :supersad:

  5. No commitment :noey:what was your dad doing?


    Make a recording, just saying deep shit about Christmas :awesome: Preferably a video.


    Dad fell asleep on the couch because he got rather intoxicated. :LOL:


    Really? I don't do videos :( my voice is horrible.

  6. Do you think BarryC knows? :LOL:

  7. :awesome: I'm having my first real Muse spree in a while right now :happy:
  8. :awesome: nighty night Brendan :D:kiss:
  9. :awesome: we're gonna be in the same room as Jonny's hair
  10. :chuckle: it's even taking a lot for me to get used to it!
  11. :eek: I can't be arsed explaining how...shocked I am at the album :eek::eek:
  12. :eek::awesome: WHAT'S KICKIN BRAH :eek:
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