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  1. Managed to grab 2 seated tickets
  2. Never seen them live before until the other night. I knew they were good live, but having seen them in person is a totally different experience. The whole 360 stage set-up was great (didn't think much of it when the announced it) The crowd were up for it too such a great atmosphere (standing). To top it off I managed to grab a plectrum off Chris I'm now going through the videos on youtube to 'relive' the experience
  3. After a failed pre-sale I finally managed to grab some standing tickets! This will be my first time seeing MUSE live - really cant wait
  4. anyone manage to get a ticket? I keep getting sold out message
  5. It's been too long - been a fan since I was 12 and have not had the chance to see them once. Hopefully (if I manage to get tickets) this will be my first
  6. Nice! yeah I opted for black version of the cort locking maachineheads I didn't think of asking for a black neck plate - how much did that cost you? (the plate)
  7. I'm really impressed with the quality and how it's turned out. Yeah, I had all the work done at Manson's.
  8. Here's the pictures of my Stealthy MBC-1 and of course the back cavity with sustaniac installed.
  9. My MBC should be here this week and has a sustainer installed so I'll upload a pic of the cavity (if you're still after one)
  10. Nice! post some pics when it arrives I've ordered one a couple of months ago (Sustainer,MBK-2, should be ready by the end of this month.
  11. Make it a snickers and you have a deal but seriously I'm open to sensible offers
  12. If anyone's interested I'm selling my custom made matt-o-caster not looking for much (just enough to cover the cost of the project)

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