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    Princess Kate's beauty


    The news of the baby given birth by Princess Kate cheers the whole British up. The baby is a boy weighing 8 pounds, six ounces. Princess Kate has always led fashion trends. The black and white geometric print Dress of Princess Kate looks refreshing.

  3. brilliant I had subscribed the account he has with this girl (I always assumed they where a couple but not sure). All their covers are absolutely sick and the originals are pretty good to. http://www.youtube.com/user/PomplamooseMusic I'd let her pee on me, just sayin...
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  5. *TC*

    Music Theory Thread

    isn't playing B mixolydian exactly the same as playing E over it? But just emphasizing different notes
  6. *TC*

    Mixing Thread

    any of you guys got any links to places that have helped you learn about stuff like this? I was doing music tech in college but had to leave and tbh it was shit anyway because the equipment was substandard and we had to mix/master in cheap headphones. Now I want to learn it properly because I am in the process of applying to every studio in a 10 mile radius for an assistant job. I know they get a lot of prospective engineers and I don't want to go in and them expect me to know things that i have no clue about, which is definitely going to happen at the moment.
  7. *TC*

    Music Theory Thread

    there was a discussion pretty similar to this on TheGearPage the other day, about a song that had the chords B, F#m, A, E. So instantly I thought it was in E, but if you try soloing over it you realize that E doesn't really work where as B does and if you play the progression resolving on B sounds perfect. So what key would you say the song was in hmmm? Later that day I tried writing a B section to that chord progression and found it near on impossible to make it resolve back on to the B for the second verse, it was begging me to land on E
  8. yeah thats what I'll probs go for, there is actually a certain type or tortoise shell that Fender discontinued a few years back, i'll try find a picture, but it looks 10x better and I'd fucking love to find one. I also bought a V-Pick which I'd seen lots of hype about on forums and what have you. Its great and I understand why people like them, but I think I'll stick with normal tortex picks for the future.
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