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  1. haha i knowL what happened to all of us? i guess we just all got a life worth living. im travelling at the moment but start uni next year :) life is awesome isnt it haha, ah no, ill come live with you and give you millions of monies haha?

    im very good anyway but thats sure to change. i hope you are well and dont argue too much.

  2. wazzzzzuppppppp history buddy? i good how are you? lifes good i trust and so are your socks

  3. tut tut nicholas i thought better of you

    (dont worry im one as well)


    add me kk, marcella mcbummy

    thanks :)

  4. haha cant believe the last message before this was to say happy 2010


    massive fail.. how are you anyway?

  5. i is good melonina how is you squirrel fly

  6. sexy sexy on my chair. sexy sexy smell me there.

  7. melon on a chair. melon in my hair. but thats the way i like it. i always like to spike it.

  8. lololol Axelottle.

  9. hello. it has been quite a while. sorry.

  10. fuckity fuck havent said hi in... a very long time. hi.










    also hi.

  12. I miss you so much and i miss you and i love you and i miss you.

  13. well i didnt know if anyone would take any interest haha. well tom was really nice but really short which i hadnt realised but yes, he shook my hand and gave me his set list because he knew i wanted something haha. the day after i then went back before the concert to the loading dock to see if i could catch the bands going in and biffy were first and they are so incredibly nice! simon introduced himself and asked if i wanted a picture. muse then came through and said hi and all but they were really tired or something which was odd and they just went through after quite quickly really, hopefully ill catch them at the airport. Future reference: if a band plays at acer they always enter through the loading dock
  14. I went on the 9th December at Acer Arena, Sydney. Fucking epic! Tom Kirk gave me his set list and before the show i got to meet Muse and Biffy Clyro! best day everrrrr
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