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    I like chicken,
    I like liver,
    Meow mix, Meow mix,
    Please deliver.
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    in the sky
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    i dont know, I change like a chamleon...but I like to listen to music, erm, yeah
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    eating grapes
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    your mum
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    Billy Elliot
    Benjamin Button
    The Boat that Rocked
    fuck a chicken
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    the cat
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    Catcher in the Rye
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    hmm as many as I can get my hands on of course

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  1. Oh lord, that really is terrible :LOL:. And to think we used to all be online every day.


    I'm okay, just studying. Pretty much all I do now is learn about stuff I don't enjoy learning about. And cover my rent and power bills by occasionally working. And argue with my flatmate. Growing up, it is the bees knees.


    How are you though? Moved overseas? Gone to uni? Other things?

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