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  1. well I have been fine, finally moved to UK like I wanted 4 years ago ish

    what sort of good things have came up to your live?

  2. Hey how are u, its been so long !

  3. Ann How have you been all this time, best wishes for you and your Fam! x

  4. PUTOOOOOOO! copate con una aparicion espontanea en mi pertagrama hoy a la noche ;)

    U know what we could do bitch!


  5. Def u have to update me beb' cya

  6. Lexy! what is going on with the chat? I can never find anyone connected wtf...

  7. I will be on Skype for u then. Btw, wtf happen with the muse chat, there is nobody never ever now!

  8. Hey Bruce! how have you been? such a long time. X

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