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    I´m a designer, bery funn, i play guitar and drums, i had a band ( i was the singer). now im working as a designer and ending my studs.
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    BAires (argentina)
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    my stuffs
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    Designer (graphic & clothing)
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    Placebo, Muse, Radiohead, Kimonos de la Geisha, Korn, Yeah yeah yeahs, and more...
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    "los sin nombre" or "The Nameless" (an movie form spain, 1999)
    all Tim Burton ´s films
    "metropolis" an old blak and withe film
    "the clock work orange" by Stanley Kubrick´s
    " el laberinto del fauno" de Guillermo del Toro
    " el orfanato" by Belén Rueda
    " the Laberynth" Jimi Henson
    "the wall" yes that one!
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    I don´t like TV... usually watch music channels, but no to much
    dexter, south park, the simpsons, WKUK
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    "un mundo feliz" or "a brave new world" by ALDOUS HUXLEY
    all Poe historys
  • Muse Releases Owned
    black holes and revelations
    Origin Of Symmetry
    The resistance + dvd
    The 2nd Law
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    23 July 2008, Gran Rex, Argentina
    3 April 2010, Estadio Unico, Argentina
    26 Oct 2012, O2 Arena London
    27 Oct 2012, O2 Arena London
    26 May 2013, Emirates Stadium London
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  1. Hi! One more time, I'm really sorry for the late reply.

    Thank you for understanding :) So, how are you?

    Unfortunately no, but I think I'll be able to see Muse live on their next concert in Portugal, which is not scheduled yet, so it'll be only on the tour of the next album.

    You changed your plans? So, what happened?

    Beijos :)

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