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    I´m a designer, bery funn, i play guitar and drums, i had a band ( i was the singer). now im working as a designer and ending my studs.
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    BAires (argentina)
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    my stuffs
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    Designer (graphic & clothing)
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    Placebo, Muse, Radiohead, Kimonos de la Geisha, Korn, Yeah yeah yeahs, and more...
  • Favourite Films
    "los sin nombre" or "The Nameless" (an movie form spain, 1999)
    all Tim Burton ´s films
    "metropolis" an old blak and withe film
    "the clock work orange" by Stanley Kubrick´s
    " el laberinto del fauno" de Guillermo del Toro
    " el orfanato" by Belén Rueda
    " the Laberynth" Jimi Henson
    "the wall" yes that one!
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    I don´t like TV... usually watch music channels, but no to much
    dexter, south park, the simpsons, WKUK
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    "un mundo feliz" or "a brave new world" by ALDOUS HUXLEY
    all Poe historys
  • Muse Releases Owned
    black holes and revelations
    Origin Of Symmetry
    The resistance + dvd
    The 2nd Law
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    23 July 2008, Gran Rex, Argentina
    3 April 2010, Estadio Unico, Argentina
    26 Oct 2012, O2 Arena London
    27 Oct 2012, O2 Arena London
    26 May 2013, Emirates Stadium London
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  1. hi there. I never expect to meet an anime lover here :LOL: that's really cool. but for now I prefer Kuroshitsuji than hell girl :D

    you can say I'm [kinda] fine right now. I'll face a mid-semester test next week. my my :LOL: thanks anyway. what about you?

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