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  1. Birthday. U haz it. Hope it's a good 'un <3

  2. Hey hey! No skype at the moment no, I'm rarely on my own and usually get interrupted during chats, LOL

  3. Have a good birthday :)

  4. I would expect nothing less! Face it, once you've seen my mighty cleavage it would be impossible to resist motorboating me <3

  5. :( :( :(


    I'm horrified at my own behaviour, if I show you my tits next time we meet will you forgive me?

  6. I wouldn't want my genius to be lost, so here it is ;)


    His name is Dee3Dee

    And I really wish that he

    Would tell me his name

    It's a pain

    When he's so nice to me

    To call him Dee3Dee


    I know I shouldn't whine,

    But it really is a crime

    That his manly chest

    Remains in a vest.

    The girls of banter wish to see

    The manly chest of Dee3Dee


    So Dee3Dee,

    Allow me to see!

    Your sexy pecs

    I would inspect,

    And have a fap (or three)

    To the Swedish, hunky, Dee3Dee

  7. Water under the bridge, I don't keep a hit list ;)


    I reserve the right to call you "squirt" any time the whim hits me, though :) Or pipsqueek, I quite like pipsqueek too...

  8. You did, Sir! You DID! But I'm prepared to let it go as you are ginger, and therefore have enough in your life to worry about :p

  9. I'm a bad, BAD Muser. I've had birthdays followed by holidays and not got around to it, will send it this week xx

  10. good stuff, I'll carry on with it then :kiss:

  11. Your scarf is kind of egg yolk yellow and of the long, skinny variety,,, does that sound OK? I don't wanna spend 4 days making it if you don't like it so speak now or forever hold your peace! :LOL:

  12. I've been around bb, around ;) Gonna be spending a bit more time here again what with gigs and meets coming up, so I'll catch you online sometime xx

  13. HAHA we're going to Rothbury on holiday in three weeks. That's right, Rothbury. Northumberland. Where that mad gunman is on the loose. Kind of hoping they'll catch him by then!

  14. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  15. Hellooo dear Caro I hope all is well with you and that you'll soon be having a well-deserved holiday! Hope your first year has gone well xx

  16. Dude I fucking miss you, I miss the chats we used to have in your second LB thread. Hope you're well and life is awesome. Happy birthday!


    Tania xx

  17. How's life, hot stuff? I've missed you!

  18. Welcome to the board! So far your thoughtful, eloquent posts have impressed me, keep up the good work!

  19. Love your thread ideas, keep 'em coming :)

  20. <333


    That is all :D OMG I'm your first friend? :eek:

  21. Pffft I demand a shag at least :rolleyes:

  22. :LOL: Oh sorry, didn't you realise? :$
  23. Phwoar, I'm honoured! Look at me, a poor honest n00b already being visited by a banter wanker :LOL:



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