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  1. Nice try. Actually, after all that, I listened to Muse! Favorite songs were: New Born Hate This And I'll Love You Stockholm Syndrome It's funny but the music is all new when you listen to it in a new place.
  2. Ok, so I've returned from my holiday. Guess which band and which tracks I listened to mostly, while contemplating the mountain from my hotel balcony? Heh?
  3. ohhhhh, just got hold of some Explosions in the Sky. ....sweet spot..... Love them...... Thanks for the reference.
  4. Good call. I think I'm going to go with Floyd. I haven't listened to a lot of their material for ages (I played Animals on loop for a few days last winter!).
  5. Oh, it isn't Elitist. Well ok, I suppose it is on a personal level, yes, because we don't all like the same sounds, but the fact we're on this forum leads me to believe we all like Muse. If something sounds bland to me, it's a subjective personal thing I suppose, so you shouldn't take it personally. I'm listening to Black Sabbath right now, which probably demonstrates my point quite well .
  6. They are a support band and perhaps they should stay that way; not bad, but not exceptional either (just imho!). I can't listen to just any old tat on my Philosophical Rock you know. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeext.
  7. I just listened to Pure Reason Revolution and I have to say it was totally lacking in emotional energy (yes, yes I know, I'm a pompous ass). I couldn't make out the difference between the songs on the album either. Chosing a track was a bit like trying to distingush between a spoonful of porridge taken from one side of the bowl over one taken from the other. It's all YUK! Fightstar faired better. I got quite excited about `Floods'. Still something missing though. I can't quite put my finger on it. When are Muse going to release another album?
  8. Well ok, I'll tell you what's on my iPod at the moment. I apologise in advance if any of the following is too distressing for the reader: Muse Kean Coldplay Radiohead Supergrass The Hoosiers Editors Kaiser Chiefs Arctic Monkeys Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No 2 in C Minor
  9. Hey people, This has probably been posted before, but I lack the wit to search the forums for replies. I went on holiday to Crete last year with Muse on my iPod, providing me with many deep moments as I sat on the "philosophical rock" contemplating life and the Universe (I'd never istened to them before to be honest). Now I'm not saying Muse are all played out (I still listen to them) but for this years holiday, I'm looking for a similar experience. I suppose it's hard because Muse are somewhat unique in sound, but can anyone suggest some new music that would sit well with me on this years Philosophical Rock? I appreciate your answers. Robin
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