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  1. we don't have sea near our town.....:(:(


    just pool....but i guesse that's also fine :happy::happy:



    you lucky...you can go to the beach :eek:







  2. ok, so let's talk here as well


    being here sucks.......i think if i stood one minute outside home i'd be turned into ashes:eek::eek:



    hot hot hot!!! as hell



    and in Croatia? :happy:

  3. :p:p


    yeah...being with us posting Matt pics in the PMT is soooo relaxing :cool::cool:



    let's talk there, then :D:D






  4. hi Karolina :kiss:

    *supemassive hug*




    i just don't have nothing else to do, so i'm here talking with people :happy:


    how are you btw? :happy:

  5. hello, nice to meet you :happy:


    my name's Maria, and yours? Kaisa? :happy::happy:



    *supermassive kisses*



  6. hello Shannon :happy::happy:



    how are you?





  7. hello Stefko :happy::happy:



  8. my sig is not that good :p:p


    but thanks, Valerie :D:D



    have a nice weekend ;)

  9. hi Valerie:D

    my name's Maria and i'm from Portugal :p:p:p


    great great pleasure to meet you :D:D


    and you're welcome :rolleyes::rolleyes:

  10. thanks :D:D


    i've made it myself :p:p:p:p:p


    thanks :D:D:D:D





  11. oh well, if you prefer that:D:D


    you'd be welcomed to PMT thread:p:p




  12. sorry for taking so long to answer you, i'm posting replies :LOL::LOL:



    why don't you go to PMT then? it's so funny :p:p:p:p

  13. i'm fine:D:D


    as always,



    and you? :p:p:p

  14. sorry, i didn't see your message:rolleyes::rolleyes:



  15. you'll be as lucky as me;);)


    to see them is a dream.......


    *dreaming*those pants......:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

  16. believe me...you wouldn't want to live here......i rarely get the chance to see my fav bands live..


    but i've seen Muse 2 weeks ago:D:D:D

  17. i'm already addicted.;);)


    and you're from England....i'd kill myself to live there...(Liverpool)........at least i'd be fluent in english :mad::mad::mad:



    i love english :p:p:p

  18. i'm new here, so it's normal =)


    but yeah, thankies : DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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