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  1. was not....:O



  2. Eva :D liiike it ^^

    i'm ok and you? :kiss:



    Daveeeeh :ninja:

  3. no it wasn't! :eek:



    :eek: xD

  4. yes :eek:

    why so shocked? :chuckle:

  5. you have a good taste, dear David :kiss:

  6. *looks at David's tee*

    In Rainbows :ninja:

    Radiohead <333 :D

  7. I'm Maria ^^

    and you, dear?


  8. hey hey ^^

    like your username :D


  9. how are your feet? xD I know it was Friday, twas a while ago..but normally, my feet go crazy for days :o

  10. :o

    Brandon looked like a priest....isn't it odd? xD

    did you sing a lot? :D

  11. details, David, details :eek:

  12. :ninja:

    how was the concert? :D

  13. yeye ^^ Doctor Who rocks :D


    yes I am :ninja:

  14. I love Doctor Who. I can say is my fav TV Show :D

    not sure about the new Doctor, though :erm:

  15. Sorry if I offended you or anything :/


  16. what did Ewan do? :o

    Ewan: nooooooooothing :o

    Daveh: liar :joker:

  17. i'm okies :chuckle:

    you and bro seem to b excited today xD

    Daveh: :pope:

    and you? ^^

  18. Amme!! :D

    how's ya?

    Daveh: hello! ^^

  19. you look like his daughter in that photo :o


  20. basically that's what they're calling ya xD a drug-addict :eek:

    you are cute anyway, Kurt Cobain or not xD

  21. i can see you are new on the board ^^

    how's been your experience here so far? :)

  22. i'm okies ^^

    pleasure to meet you :kiss:

  23. hello dear :D ^^

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