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  1. :facepalm:

    if Daveh was here he'd say youth is lost xD


    me: xDDD i don't want to go to school....

    Daveh: nawww, i'll put a pic of meself in one of yer books :happy:

    me: what bout going with meh? :(

    DAveh: i can't :( ya know....fangirls...always wanting to touch me screwdriver and tardis :pope:

    me: wha? :stunned:

    Daveh: i meant body xD

    me: wha?

    Daveh:...damn xD

    me: stay at home xD i'll make sure ya've got enough nana cookies to entertain yerself :LOL:

    Daveh: hooray! :D

    me: ya could always kidnap me :D

    Daveh: *cough cough* this is AM's profile :stunned: time to sush :D sorry AM ^^

    me: sorry :pope::kiss::happy:

    *grabs Daveh*


    tada!! =D



    wuv ya me dear ^^,


    pwoppa kisses to Bellz =D

  2. ya bitch xD

    i want a John Terry plus Steven Gerrard autograph xD

  3. i prefered not to know xD

    why didn't ya say ya were cooking...with Maffio? ^^

  4. AM, i can't log in...'error' -.-'

    phuck :(

  5. i don't have it xD

    but wait, i'm going to try once again :)

  6. xD


    i don't like it though :erm:

  7. it's all weirdo and small xD

  8. *cough cough*

    i don't have that prob :ninja:

  9. ya won't get rid of me so easily :ninja:


    *runs off*

  10. sorry Anne..me internet went down :(


  11. sorreh Anne, as ya can see my net went down..sorry :(

  12. i'm trying to xD

    it won't let me log in


    wait a sec^^

  13. playing with me bro's ding ding dong :pope:



    naughty Dommeh :noey:

  14. :ninja:

    stop smexin on me bro...or else i....i... xD



  15. don't ya dare to blame me bro! :pope:

  16. don't come up with that excuse, Miss xD

    i know him :ninja:

  17. geeez AM! i miss ya...:supersad:

  18. wise idea xD

    fank ya :pimp:

  19. well, hope to see you around :)

    I use to b in the PMT and Love Boat section ;)


  20. :eek:

    man..that man is like me bro xD he was born on May 20th :ninja:

  21. :ninja:

    and so's Petr Cech xD

  22. where the phuck r ya? xD

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