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  1. :(....i know...i'll try to come...but i'm not sure...
  2. :p ya should..ya know..there's always that thing about the PMT and that we are a bucnh of perves...but i assure ya...we are not xD we have random convos and, apparently, that's what makes people think we are weirdos xD
  3. :'( Dommeh...:supersad:

    Dommeh: what's happening? :pope:

  4. :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle


  5. :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle

    only you to show me those videos :D:D:D

  6. :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle


    i knew you'd like it :D:D



  7. :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle


    oh yep, i'll be on msn around 1 pm or earlier :D:D i've got to take my dog fer a walk :happy:


    he'll b back soon :shifty:


  8. :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle


    you're right my dear, we love each other so much coz we've got a lot in common.:D:D....except football teams :ninja:

  9. :chuckle:chuckle

    great pleasure to meet ya Donna :kiss:

    yup, i'm Maria :D

    oh well, i like to meet new people :D:D


  10. :chuckle:chuckle

    i love books :D:D



    i'm good i'm good ;) and Tennant's taking a bath..i guess :stunned:


  11. :chuckle:chuckle


    he'll be there, don't worry :D


    my boat's having a trip around England :D

  12. :chuckle:chuckle


    i love being the official victim :LOL:


    go to my love boat :happy: let's talk there


    and give me some tags :LOL::LOL:

  13. :chuckle:chuckle


    i missed ya more than anyone :phu: i'm your official victim :phu:



  14. :chuckle:chuckle


    i'm also fine :ninja:


    Bonnie..lovely name, i'm Maria :D:D:D


    *supermassive huggles*



    this forum is really cool :D:D

  15. :chuckle:chuckle


    it's just random :D:D hmmm i thought he always looked hot in every poc (except when he's wearing that freakin' bloody bloody leopart shirt) :eek:



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