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  1. hellooow there, it's been a while!


    i'm alright ta, not brilliant at the moment but can't really complain :) how're you?

  2. hey, sorry to pester you, but just wanted to let you know i've spoken in great depth with my mum about it all and i've convinced her to let me go talk to a doctor :happy:

    so yeah, just wanted to say thank you again, you really helped!

  3. I think i sent you a pm, but i don't know if it worked... I'm here for a vent if you need it :) x

  4. Thank you :happy:

    Right back at you :kiss:

    How's life atm then?

    I hope things are getting better, if you need a chat i'm here x

  5. Thank you! :D

    Sorry for the late reply - been on holiday with no internet since sunday!


    :LOL: Thank you :happy:

  6. Thank you! :happy:

    sorry for the late reply - been on holiday with no internet! x

  7. The Beatles <3 :happy:


    I always tell myself i'm named after that song... even though i'm not :LOL:


    I'm very good ta! Back at school and it's all going well! First couple of days at college (although we call it 6th form) have been alright, if a bit heavy on the work load :)


    How are you? I would reply in Spanish, but i can only read it, not write it :rolleyes:

  8. oooh i'm glad to hear :happy: Especially about the highlights, cause i've really blonde natural ones and i would hate to loose them. Yeah, i was going to go for permanent dye to be really bold (going for red here :cool:) but i think that would just strip my natural colour completely, so, cause i'm only really doing it for prom (got a black and white dress so red hair would go aaaace) the semi will leave my hair red enough for the night, but it will fade out after that if i don't like it :D Thanks Mel, you're a real help, and i will do :kiss:

  9. Sammy, I miss you too :(


    I'm really sorry i haven't been in YMT for ages - i seriously miss you guys, like i used to see you everyday :supersad: Pathetic excuse, i've had my GCSE's and what not going over the past couple of weeks, so i haven't had time to come cause revision has been so intense. Good news though, I'll done and back in next week :happy: How are things with you hun?


    also, there are so many newbie's it's hard to pop in and say hi :$


    miss choo :kiss:

  10. Mel :happy:


    This is really random, but i really want to dye my hair, but i'm having the same worries as you (that i'll lose the natural highlights i already have and what not) so i was wandering if you were happy that you dyed yours, or if you regret it? No one seems to get quite why i'm worried, so i thought i'd ask you cause you've done it :)


    Sorry for the randomness :LOL: x

  11. Meh, i think i did okay, but it's hard to tell - last time i thought i did fine and i came out with a C :( Guess i just have to wait til results day!


    oh no! What's up? I've been a little down too recently... i don't know what it is - it's like i have episode of depression and then i'm fine... it's really weird. Hope you're feeling better soon :)


    :LOL: Yeah, i went through that! I'm not on as much as i used to be. Mostly i don't have time, but loads of the people i normally chat to on here don't come on so much, so i kind of feel behind...


    I know, i'm really sorry about that! It was one of things where it was like "i need to reply, i need to reply, i NEED to reply, oh shit, more coursework :supersad:" It was nothing personal :kiss: And no worries, those Vanns really are awesome :yesey:


    :LOL: I would love to come over, trust me! Doubt i'll be over by September - i've still got two years of school yet! I'm hoping that if i get the uni course i want i'll be doing a couple of years over in San Diego, so fingers crossed :happy:

  12. :eek: *hides*




    MARKO :kiss:


    Sorry for the late reply - i've had my german oral this week, so me being the stress head that i am banned myself from the boards in case of distraction :facepalm:


    How've you been? x


    edit: only just realised i never answered that last post :$ really sorry, it must have slipped my mind... but HOLY CRAP those Vans are AWESOME!

  13. :eek: No way! I'm so happy for you! :happy: Stef is finally seeing Muse :dance:

    You're going to love it :D

  14. Hey, so sorry it's taken me this long to reply! The last week or so's been so chaotic with school and illnesses, so haven't really had time to come on the boards at all... sorry!


    oooh how's the apartment? And i'd be looking UC Sand Diego, but it really is a long shot!


    Indeed she did :happy: And it really was! I couldn't believe it when so looked right at me and pointed! I nearly died :LOL:


    It really does sound like a nice place! I'll defiantly have to visit here at some point! (My places to visit list is getting reaaally very long now! haha)


    Oh i'm with you. Scotland and Wales border England, and then just across the sea is Ireland :) I go to Scotland all time - that's where my parents are from, and all my relatives live up there. The people in Scotland are so nice! Much nice than in England, in my opinion!


    :LOL: When i'm old enough i would love to come over and scrounge off you for a week or two ;) haha, kidding! But nah, i would love to meet if i came over! Or vice versa.


    Traveling really is a way of life! I'm hoping that either before i start Uni, or after i finish, i'm going to take a gap year and travel pretty much everywhere! Well, i'd do a few months here and there, mainly at places on the coast so i could do some animal work whilst i was there :)


    Well BH&R and The Resistance did put Muse into the mainstream, but people only really know the odd song (Starlight, Undisclosed, SMBH etc), so i suppose that's better than nothing. There are obviously hardcore fans out there somewhere around here - i'm just yet to meet them!


    ooh nice! I'm glad you can relate with the private school, cause otherwise it just makes me sound really snobby! And yeah, those people (the ones who are there because of the quality of the school) pretty much sums up me and my friends! It's not brilliant, but it's good :)


    Yay, another odd but not really odd person! I love how much you can relate to all this! :happy: We'd be such awesome friends in real life :D My friends think i'm a bit weird, and they don't really get the obsession, but hey, it's just cause they're missing out :p


    Aye, the last time i went to Sea World i was 12 too! And OF COURSE i've heard of COD! My brother has it, so when i can force him of it i have a go :D I'm pretty crap, but who cares! I'm more a Wii fan though - much less violent for us girlies ;P


    Aye, marine bio or animal physiology :) I don't even know why i like it so much! With all the music crap i know you'd think i'd want to do that as a career, but i've always had my heart set on working with marine mammals... weird, i know!


    That's so awesome! I so want to have Halo and Rock Band parties - they sound friggin AMAZING! We would totally ROCK rockband together! And how did you get pokemon in you're calculator?!


    :O America has IKEA? My life is complete! I really didn't know that - i thought it was a european thing. I just love ikea <3 And i love Vans too! Although, i'm going through more a converse phase at the moment... but SMBH ones sound totally amazing!


    (again, apologies for the late reply!)

  15. Sophomore, i think so? I don't know! I'm 16 - so what ever year we're in :LOL: I'm hoping to go to Essex university, which means i could apply to study for a year abroad :happy: I'm looking at some American Uni's (would love to go to San Diego Uni - i'm really into a marine mammal studies and i hear they're ace for that kind of thing!) but i think it's going to be too hard to get it. And that would be so cool for you!


    Yeah, that's what i've said with these - i'm not using them to see what i do know, but more what i don't.


    They were awesome live - but their crowd was horrible! I mean really, it was just painful. They had 3 support acts which was far too excessive, and it was such a crush in the crowd. I'm not even sure why it was so horrible, but it just was... people were getting hauled out every minute, which meant every minute there was crush to take their place! Paramore themselves were ace - Hayley was just plain wow live - and she looked directly at me twice! I pointed and stuck my tongue out at her, and she did it back :happy: Then second time she just pointed and laughed :LOL:


    Yeah, that's pretty much Manchester summed up!


    I love VW's fresh sound - it's really pure, you know, not electronic is beefed up on the computer, but just them.


    Oceanside sounds bloody awesome! That would be the place i would want to live. And yeah, i'm into the beach too, don't worry :LOL: What do you mean by border towns?


    I would totally love to visit Cali when i'm old enough and have the money, and you would be an awesome tour guide! WHEN (not if :p) I come over, i'll definitely let you know! And same with you and Manchester, if you're ever over this way, let me know :happy:


    :LOL: nice reference! Yeah, i think that's the same with me. Cause we used to go to and fro from Dubai and England every year, i'm never going to be happy with just staying in the one place! I want to see as much as the world as humanly possibly, really! Tbh i don't really know very much about the politics, except that no one seems to be very good at it! I kind of keep my nose out of things like that - there's nothing i can do about it yet cause i can't vote, so i just have to kind of go with the flow...


    Aye, half the people i've met on the boards are better friends than the ones in real life! Well here it's very much anything that isn't mainstream isn't cool :rolleyes: There are a fair few people into rock music, but quite a lot of them will burry that side and just conform so they're not an outcast. I should clarify that i'm talking mainly about the people in my school here! I go a private school (where you have to pay) so it's full of either sobs who's parents have more money than brains (they're the people who go out getting drunk every weekend because that's "cool" and listen to mainstream music because it's "cool") or the normal people who are there just because they local highschool are so dreadful!


    I've never been to a festival no :( I'm hoping to go to Leeds Fest this year (that's the big rock fest) if it's a good lineup and i can get people to go. And that's the same with me - i'm going to see Muse at Manchester LCCC stadium, so i'm going with my brother and his friend, but i'm also meeting people from the boards there.


    Isn't it! I have no idea how Chris can last that long on stage! I bet he has bad bass burn by the end of it.


    I'm the same. I'm really sort of contained with a polite, customary outer interior for just sort of every day people, but then once i get to know someone i'm totally mental! I mean i really am very odd! Well, only odd in the sense that i'm obsessed with Muse to no end, and i have quite an eccentric personality - and that's not really odd to other people like me, just to people who aren't in on the Muse fandom! (:LOL: Did that even make sense?)


    awwh thank you :happy: I am proud, and i think it's the only thing my parents have to be proud of of me :LOL: My brother got the brains, i got the sports :rolleyes: Yeah, I do like my TV (Scrubs, Gilmore Girls, and then older stuff like M*A*S*H) I'm also a bit of a Nintendo fangirl tbh! I don't really do gaming, but i'm totally addicted to the Wii <3 I really into animals - i keep fish and have two cats :happy: I have a real thing for marine mammals - ever since i went to Sea World when i was 11 it's been my aspiration to become a whale trainer. Either that, or since i'm partly against them being held in captivity, i'd love to do stuff with whales and dolphins in the wild - although i'm not sure how to do that... Apart from that, i don't really know! I just like to have fun basically! I'm a bit of a nerd - like i LOVE parties, but i'm too into the whole going out and getting wasted just for the sake of it... i'd prefer to have a night in playing Rock Bands with the mates! I LOVE interior design! Well, i love doing up rooms, if that counts? I designed every aspect of mine and my brother room, including wall and carpet colour and furniture! We have this furniture shop called IKEA over here, and it's just plain AWESOME! I don't the US has it, but basically it sells the funkyest, yet simplest furniture ever - and it's really cheap!


    Don't worry about it! I do too!

  16. Sorry again for the late reply - my exams are over now, so i promise i'll be on time form now on!

    Indeed i am in highschool :) I've got this year then 2 more before i leave to go to college/uni. That is a bit, but i so wish ours were before - i hated having to worry about exams all Christmas =/ I hope i've done well! I find out this week in normal lessons... and these ones won't be A's! They were only mock exams, a practice for the real thing, so i didn't really try that hard - it was more of a "see what i don't know" kind of thing, if you get me...

    Isn't it! I always wandered about that. They wrote the official song for the first then just sort of disappeared for the second. :LOL: She really is! She's too god for anyone :rolleyes: Except Josh, of course :p

    It used to be like that (no freeways) but it's been updated with all the new buildings, so there aren't tons, but in the new built up areas there are a few :) I do have picture, but not on this laptop. I'll edit this and upload some pictures in here for you tomorrow (brother is using the main comp with all the pics on atm)!


    Vampire Weekend <3 They're a growing obsession. I'd love to do all that in london too! When i'm old enough i'll be there! Manchester doesn't really have an official scene, but it's definitely more clubbing than London. We're sort of the 'booze up' city... i think! Us teenagers don't really have that much to do to be honest. We can go into Manchester city where there's tons of shops, but apart from that there isn't much... got the usual cinemas and stuff, but there isn't really a 'thing' for teenagers - boring, i know. We just settle for the odd house party and stuff :)


    Hell yeah! :LOL: I definitely want to visit Cali one day - San Diego looks like a lovely place too. Yeah, that's the same here with the drinking, although i'm not really too into that - i've found that i don't need to be wasted to make a total fool of myself :LOL: The beach parties sound so fun, i'd love to go to one of those one day - i know it sounds cheesy but they always look great in tv programs! Los Angeles sounds like fun! Don't know if i'd want to live there, but definitely worth a visit :yesey: I sounds really quite exciting! And good music and food is always an ace combination!


    Wow, Mexico sounds amazing! I bet it was a real change of pace to move to Cali! It sounds really interesting - very cultured. I bet the architecture is gorgeous! That's one of the things i love about foreign countries - the building are different everywhere you go! :LOL: Yes, you can't really escape drugs and a corruptive government these days!


    Great minds really do think alike! :happy: Yeah, i didn't notice the mass red - but that's exactly the same as me! I love how bold it is! And i know exactly how you feel about Bellamy, like i said that's how i feel about Hayley! And i'm sure you'd make a great Bellamy with practice!


    Yeah, it's the same here with music! There are a few people who have the same thinking as me, but liking bands like Muse and Rage etc isn't "cool" therefore people just hide that side and conform to the norm of mainstream music :( That's why i came on the boards - to find people who aren't that shallow!


    Indeed i do have facebook! I'll add you know :happy: Thank you! My rams name is Julia, but i've just been adopted as Jules on the boards, which i don't exactly mind!


    Hysteria is really very hard! I have no idea how Chris does it! I guess it just comes with mass practice! And nah i never really gave singing/acting a try - i'm far to shy and self-conscious! I'd love to give acting a go, but i'm too afraid... I am a swimming though - that's my things. More so when i was younger - i made the Nationals when i was 11 in the 200 and 400m front crawl :happy: (That means i was in the top 30 in the country for my age group, in cause you don't have it over there :)) What about you - you do anything else?

  17. sorry for the late reply - i've had exams all this week which means i've had to ban myself from the boards, otherwise nothing would get done :rolleyes:

    :LOL: Isn't it! Eurgh, Twilight fans are just a total fail :noey: Muse's name has been tainted in my opinion because of that.

    Oh aye, Dubai is a gorgeous place for a holiday - i'm hopefully going over there in October to visit some old mates :happy: And yes, i've hear that about Israel too! It sounds just like Qatar -- the country bordering Dubai which isn't built up yet -- which is a gorgeous country.


    I don't really know that much about London to be honest - i've only been once when i was about seven, and my idea of a good band was probably S Club 7 at that stage :facepalm: But yeah, from what i've hear London is the place to be for the indie music scene. I live in Manchester, which is just in the center of the country really.


    oooh sandy beaches - i miss then so much! That place sounds like heaven for me! Nah, i've been to Florida and Boston, but never onto the West Coast - i want to go there so badly! We should really just swap places, shouldn't we? :LOL: That sounds awesome, the parties and everything - there isn't really anything like that here. I mean there are parties, but nothing as open and public as that... and yeah, Laguna does appear to be for the rich and famous! Skimboard sounds like fun - what exactly is that?

    oooh Huntington sounds nice! Never heard of there before... So what was it like living in Mexico? sounds pretty nice too!


    HELL YEAH! She's just so... perfect! I'm obsessed with red too :happy: Red and green are by far my fave two colours - just not together :p They day i finish highschool, my hair is being die red :D (Cause we can't have red hair in my school, btw). I saw them live in December, and guess what? Hayley pointed right at me! I know everyone says that at a concert, but i have the YouTube footage to prove it :happy: Definitely one of the best moments of my life so far - she knows i exist! Haha this makes me sound to gay, but hey, i guess it's the same way guys feel about Bellamy? And why thank you, as do you!


    haha awwh wow sounds that ace! Aye i know a few - Exo - Politics, KOC (can't play it up to speed though), New Born, COD on bass, CE on bass and Hyper Music on bass :) And Starlight on both :happy: (altho, lets be honest, it's not exactly hard!) You?

  18. Yeah, exactly! And if any of the 'normal' fans need to know something about tours/general Muse stuff they always come to me... i can't decide if it's flattering or a pisstake :LOL:

    Aye Dubai was lovely :) It was much different from how it is now - i was there when it was all desert, and now there's bearly any left! It still love it now, it's an awesome place to visit. England's not as bad as i make it out to be really, i'm just a water baby and there isn't really water warm enough here :rolleyes: Nah it's a little small i guess - everything seems so constricting, if that makes sense?

    :eek: Laguna and Newport Beach - i'm so jealous right now! I'd love to visit those places, let alone live there! What it like to live there then? Same, traveling is defiantly one of my passions - i really love the middle east.


    Hayley <3 Man, that sounds bad coming from a girl! She's definitely my number one girl crush - her voice, her style, her HAIR! Everything about her is just awesome :happy: I'm pretty much the same as you, but i love a lot of the oldies stuff too. Big fan on the Clash, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Beatles - pretty much anything prog/alt/punk rock :)

    Well, the only instrument i've had lessons on is the saxophone, apart from that i kinda play guitar and bass, but neither very well! Just tabs off the internet and stuff really. You? (I'm guessing Bass -->)


    (man that turned out to be along reply!)

  19. aaah i see, very nice :)

    Cali <3 It looks like such a gorgeous place! My future home is either going to be there or Australia :happy: I'm in England, but originally from Dubai... would much rather be back there! :LOL: Biggest Muse fan? Same. I'm actually known as "that muse girl" - such lovely school mates :rolleyes:

    Indeed i am a big Rage fan, how'd you guess ;) I think they're my fave band after Muse. What about, what else you in to?

  20. Same to you too! :happy:


    I'm Jules, and you? :)

  21. *in Tennant voice* that's screwdriver :awesome: xx

  22. I just had a total :eek::awesome: moment! :LOL: Brilliant <3


    oh, and Merry Christmas Lee! :D

  23. Isn't it! I mean, the acting was actually good for change, and i am so agreeing with you on the Edward/Jacob switch :yesey: It never really clicked in the books how good Jacob was to her, because i was too busy waiting for Edward to come back, so i sort of ignored all that blah :rolleyes: And he really is a great Jake :):LOL: LEO! I'd never thought of that, but he kinda does... he says Bella really weirdly, it's like "bellahr" - i can't really do it on the computer... still, i loved the wolves too! They looked so bad in the advert, but in the movie it was like :eek:

  24. Just had to pop in and leave some appreciation for your sig :awesome:

    Monty Python FTW! :yesey:


  25. Apologies for late reply - that's how busy i've been :supersad:


    I KNOW RIGHT!! The hair was just so unbelievably epic, simply due to that fact that it was REAL!

    It did get some picture, although my anti-shake bailed in on me, so they're a bit fussy... there's an album on facebook with them all in :)

    I'm sure they'll come over to you at some point!! Patients, my young padawan :yesey: teehee :p


    awwh, i just want to run up and give him a great big hug :happy:

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