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  1. En general, un proveedor da 30 días a un cliente antes de considerarlos tarde en sus pagos prestamos con asnef rapidos. Este período de indulto es el período actual, pero se diferencia entre las empresas, sobre la base de la industria. Las empresas que trabajan en la industria alimentaria exigirán que ser pagado antes de 30 días debido a la naturaleza perecedera de los bienes, a diferencia de las empresas que trabajan en la industria del acero, que será satisfecho con los pagos realizados en 90 días o menos antes de tener un cliente correr oficialmente tarde. Si usted va a los extremos, mega tiendas que ofrecen los precios más competitivos para los consumidores requieren para pagar a sus proveedores en 120 días antes de ser considerados tarde; una ventaja que explotan debido a su estado. Normalmente las empresas más imponentes decidir sobre el plazo de pago a los proveedores

  2. There's a small carpark opposite the great hall that's usually not too busy during the day, I think it's pay and display up until 6pm, hopefully they'll put signs up around campus for parking cause they'll be expecting it to be busy
  3. Hey, yeah, have been alright. Just counting down to uni, I am that bored with holidays. :D

  4. hellooow there, it's been a while!


    i'm alright ta, not brilliant at the moment but can't really complain :) how're you?

  5. I don't suppose anyone has this photo but bigger? I really want it for my desktop background, but it's too small... thought here would be a good place to ask I never thought a forearm could be so goddam sexy
  6. :kiss:


    Hmm, things are the same as always :(

    What about you?

    Thanks :)

  7. I'm really glad, you're not pestering at all. That sounds really positive :)

  8. hey, sorry to pester you, but just wanted to let you know i've spoken in great depth with my mum about it all and i've convinced her to let me go talk to a doctor :happy:

    so yeah, just wanted to say thank you again, you really helped!

  9. I think i sent you a pm, but i don't know if it worked... I'm here for a vent if you need it :) x

  10. Thank you :happy:

    Right back at you :kiss:

    How's life atm then?

    I hope things are getting better, if you need a chat i'm here x

  11. I love your ava :)And you :kiss: Stay strong hunneh!

  12. *jumps out from behind lurker rock* i'm sorry but this made me laugh so much <3 *jumps back*
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