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    I'd rather waste my life with something else, thank-you
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    Bulgaria, duh.
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    Drawing (yeah, congradulations for noticing that), music (piano+singing), volley
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    Some of us are interest in single arstists too you know..
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    Dancer in the dark (one is more than enough, they are far too much)
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    Æon Flux, Spongebob squarepants (back in the good old Mtv Liquid television times) + ANY music channel
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    Do androids dream of electric sheep?
    American psycho
    + anything by Neil Gaiman
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    NONE, got a problem with that?
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    Winter of 2024. Then MUSE are gonna be fat and bald already and are gonna think "We're fat and bald enough to go to Bulgaria!"

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  1. Haha.... Yay! Can talk to you for hours... on nonesense :rolleyes::p Haha... I miss talking to you so much. When you say you might have more time in the future so see you around, for a second I thought you are coming to Malaysia. :p Hehe..... It would be nice to see you btw. But since now I have your address, I can go and stalk your house when I go to Bulgaria XP haha

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