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    Siberia, Russia
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    poems, paint, cinema, to sleep and sleep...
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    The Cure, Tom Waits, Within Temptation, sometimes Him, russian rock, the music from films, lounge and relax :)
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    Pirates of Carribbean, Harry Potter (some moments), Almodovar's and Lynch's films, fool comedies, japanese thrillers, anime...
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    my medicine literature :) psychology, philosophy, my love Dostoevsky and different journals
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    all CD's, DVD ''Hullabaloo" was :'(
  1. julit0


    Napoli forever!
  2. Wooho! And Hello) Amusing avatar

  3. Cool avatar! And profile picture is cooler :)

    Oh, you're from Russia... Then big hello!

  4. Gm. I see, you never answer. And had never been in Siberia. What's the people! :)

  5. Yeees! Summer! Muse... and a cup of cappuccino, please :cool::yesey:


    We've climbed our local Siberian mountains today... and it was simply dazing! I want again.

  6. Well my exams are over and I can finally enjoy the summer. And MUSE ;)

  7. Hi! It's not only because Matt has b-day on this week ;)

    I connected to i-net at last!! :party: :party:


    But today I had an exam and one examiner simply enraged me! And spoiled all the pleasure...


    And I've just mistaken when sent this message, rrrrr!

  8. Hello/ privet ;)


    welcome to the forum. it's nice to see new people coming here. I'm pretty much new here too :D


    In recent weeks so many new russian fans joined the forum. is it because of Matt's b-day or smth?


    (if it's difficult for you to write in english you can try me - I understand russian pretty well)

  9. Ooo! And there I see Snape!.. He's not dead! I'll never believe.
  10. I'm not so old, but I'm an experienced muser
  11. Thank for the invitation
  12. oou... better late than never: happy-happy birthday!

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