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    Hardcore Muse fan!
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    Listening to music obviously..footie,golf,tennis jesus i luv anything sporty!
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    maximo park coldplay U2 kasabian The Kooks Kings Of leon
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    All horrers are just class
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    Lost even doe i havent a clue..prison break all tings sporty
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    Every studio album, HAARP all sorts of dvds
    Hullaballo soundtrack..
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    Going to Marley Park Dublin Aug 13th should be class!
  1. YO YO YO YO!!

    Sup? :happy:


  3. omg yeaaaah i see what u do there! =O gud one! :p and no...the vodka is mine! MINE! xxxx

  4. Give me that vodka ;) x x x x

  5. Ah at least you're sorted! But seriously this whole materialism thing scares the hell outta me... and the end is all I can see yeah ee yeeeeeah:p See what I did there? hehe x x x x

  6. well kinda! =[ but nah id prefer to be out yano?! big bad world nd all dat crap! im hoping to go to St.Pats and do that humanities course! =] honestly im probelay emmigrating! San Diego or Berlin here i come! hehe xxxxx

  7. Awh man I'm only in 4th year! Are you not terrified of leaving school? I am I don't have a clue what to do :( x x x x

  8. ooooooh fancy! xD em St.Marys CBS Mullingar! Boooyeh! im in leaving cert so ive nly 23 days left! :] xxx

  9. Ah at least you know how I am woop! :) I go to school in St. Mary's Glasnevin :( I despise it. Where do you be obtaining education? :) x x

  10. XD super! ok im certain i now how u are now i promise!

    oh tell me about it wher ya go ta skul? nd wat year? easter holidays whoop whoop =]


  11. Well, I suppose there's no harm in me telling you how I am again... I'm great :D A bit bored though I'm in school :(

    And how are you today? :)

  12. muse touring woohoo xD


    yeah i think the same.. is the same story of vampire as always...

  13. =D twilgiht is crap my sis has the book nd yano da way ya have to read it ta see wat all the fuss was about? well i read it.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz xD muse touring soon oh boy!

  14. oh wait i asked how u are already! xD

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