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    An aspiring archaeologist that got shot down at an tender age of 7 by her (got to be REALISTIC to be kind parents) then went on to become a bio-fuel scientist that just didn't turn up one day and many days after that. Now in high fashion and is very good at being a stylist for men. (Only men,ladies are high maintenance)
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    The biggest island continent on Earth
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    Studies in sculpture & design. Costumes and adornments. Cooking from scratch.
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    Lady of leisure
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    Smashing Pumpkins (when James Iha was still in it)
    New Order: Get Ready
    Foo Fighters
    The Killers
    Green Day
    Led Zepplin
    The Doors
    The Presidents of the USA
  • Favourite Films
    Howl's moving castle
    Resident Evil
    Blade Runner
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Antique Road Show
    The Mighty Boosh
    Scrap Heap Challenge
    Black Books
    The IT Crowd
  • Favourite Books
    Schott's Original Miscellany, Schott's sporting, gaming & Idling Miscellany, Schott's food & drink Miscellany, Haruki Murakami and Ryu Murakami
  • Muse Releases Owned
    HAARP itunes, Muse itunes, illegal down loads of B sides off a really big muse fan.
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    More comfortable in a pub setting..If Muse ever do a Pub setting I'm there with boots on.
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  2. Matt! Can't wait for the band to come back to Australia later in the year for the real BIG tour =D

  3. There are other ways of getting the happy effects of alcohol....try lots of candy =) A sugar high is great....just that you got to exercise heaps after otherwise it'll turn in to fat.
  4. Great idea with uniting the global fan base by connecting the song via each continent. Will it ever be possible to have a live stream rehearsal for all of us to see from all over the world at one point?

  5. I suggest you sit down and start writing lyrics. Then start a band and sing. Sing away like MUSE!!!!! That's a great way to convince the masses =)
  6. Bastards! In this type of situation I suggest the "If you can't beat them....Join them" philosophy
  7. What are you? Like the all-knowing mentor of the Karate Kid? Not being rude or anything but, yikes!

  8. I'm gonna cheat and just have a good vodka and orange =) the sound track also sounds like a good idea.
  9. :rabbi:There There! My child I'm fearing you are going towards the dark side. Emo is not the way. School is not about learning useless things that you will never use in the real world i.e. statistics, probability...(unless you hope to be a seasoned gambler). School is a great environment to learn about YOURSELF. A test to see if you CAN be different among a flock of mindless MTV worshipping sheeps. Don't fall into their trap! Those people that might seem "cool" and "in" right now will be nothing but a burden to society in the future. Good luck my child!
  10. Too angry to discuss....I'm giving this a silent treatment.
  11. When people complain to me about how fat their arse look in their jeans I tell them to blame it on their genes. ( I secretely get a kick out of that one)
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