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  1. holy sh*t, if they open with this song at wembley I will personally jump on stage and then make a run for Matt and start strangling him. Who ARE these guys! I don't even recognize them anymore ( i need a crying emoticon)
  2. ok i've finally caught up on most of whats been going on here today and I have to comment. Onetimeposter- I don't understand why you are going to a board to complain about people complaining! It has been stated, numerous times, that this thread was specifically started so that people who wanted to vent out frustrations could do so about the stop on the resistance tour they saw, without saying shit on the actual gig thread (and thus be "negative" there). This was a "safe" place to vent out those dissapointments Honestly, people have every right here to sit there and say, "I saw Muse last night, and this is what I didn't like about it." I'm just confused about why you take such issue with people not being 100% enamored with the show. It doesn't affect your experience in any way. And, if I may be so bold, a lot of people posting here have either been into Muse for a long time or are really dedicated fans so if anyone has a right to complain, its us. I came out of the Chicago show hearing a lot of new fans talking about how epic the show was and I respect that. So now people should respect the fact that other people weren't happy with it. And you mentioned something about younger fans complaining because they hadn't seen as many shows in their life... well you can see a lot people's ages who post here and its been varied and, if anything, older than the average age of the people I saw at the Chicago show. You also mention that Muse is doing the same thing any standard band would do. They are doing typical arena shows, in your opinion. Well here in lies the issue - Muse didn't ever seem to come off as the type of band that would just do things to please the masses or to get more popular. Thats what made them greater back in the day- you really saw a passion and commitment to the music. When you would watch them on stage you would see this level of energy and craziness that you just don't see with this tour. So when people see that, they discuss it, and they come up with reasons why. And one last thing - I definitely think there is nothing wrong with going to multiple stops in one band's tour. I've seen only a handful of bands more than once in a year (they were smaller bands so I wouldn't call them official TOURS) and their shows were all different. Muse has 5 albums and countless Bsides. They could change the setlist up. And not to appease the odd fan here or there that has been to many shows but so they won't seem bored when they are on stage (which some people have seen) or so they stop doing the same exact, choreographed shows. Besides - this isn't (or shouldn't be) pop music. Its rock. Real musicians. And the best part of live shows is when you get to see something unique and special. ok sorry for the rant
  3. I watched an interview last night that Matt and Dom did while in Singapore last year. The interviewer asked about the direction that TR had taken and whether their next album would go back to being more stripped down and about rock as appose to songs like UD. They both had said they approached TR with the hopes of it being just the three of them but as the songs came out, they got bigger and bigger. I really hope they'll go back to writing at least some songs as only a 3 piece - I'm all for them evolving but the setup they have now and the lack of spontaneity can be a buzz kill. The music/show you would get with Matt going between the piano and guitar is priceless. I love Morgan and all but i miss seeing that
  4. Hardcore fans don't complain about Muse promoting the album. In fact, very little of this thread has been people talking about how they dislike songs from TR. Its more that we are complaining about the setlist never being varied. You claim there is variation but this is simply not true - including a teaser before FG or ending a song with a riff from deadstar is simply not enough variation for a band that has 5 albums under their belt. And I wasn't aware that deadstar has been played on this tour but I assure you that since they've been in the US, that song has not appeared. Almost every city has the same exact, short setlist. This is what has people upset. If you see Muse's setlist since 2004, SS has pretty much been a staple at every show. SMBH has been at every show since 2006 so these aren't "old timers", these are certified hits for them. The crowd always knows the songs. Sunburn and Cave have appeared maybe once or twice throughout the tour. They have played over 50 shows of TR tour worldwide and have played songs that deviated from the setlist only a handful of times. When you pay more than $70 to see a band, you expect more. You expect variation, a longer setlist and YES, songs that aren't only off the last two albums and songs that haven't been played at 95% of your shows since 2004. Again, I think you are mistaken about what people are complaining about. I assure you that if Muse played the same songs over and over, regardless of the album they are from, we would be complaining on this board. Its because they have been around for more than 10 years so we expect variation. I must say -I love, love, LOVE BH&R. Even though I love old-time, crazy Muse (there is truly something special about them back in the day), i think BH&R is an exquisite album and is close to perfect. I know I'll get a lot of crap for that but back to my point -People are saying, "The setlist is shit, they play the same songs every night" because Muse are only playing their "hits" along with songs from TR in what seems like an attempt to win over more fans here or at least keep them happy. You can imagine how a band who plays 80 shows or so for a world tour may get bored from playing the same songs, night after night (not to mention some songs that they have been playing for YEARS now). This is what angers people. Look back at videos from Muse in 2001 or 2004 - They are still great now but this tour in no way compares to those years.
  5. Yup - it took me a while to realize that the overblown reviews that people had been giving this tour were a mix of people who don't know the bands potential and people who haven't been to any concert before ever or very few of them. Ah so jealous of you guys getting Cave. I've heard there is a jazzy version out there that gets played now a days. Did you get the rock version? Does Matt still scream when he says, "get in my cave, ooooooooooohhhh"
  6. I couldn't agree with you more (with this comment and the one before it that you posted) in regards to being upset/angry that they are playing shit, static setlist and that they have become lazy (which is evident to me because they have yet to release an original bside for this album). But I can't imagine that 3 grown, successful men who seemed to do things the way they wanted to for so long (they refused to release an album here when US record companies asked them to town down falsetto during Showbiz era, they produced their last album by themselves) have now decided to play by everyone else's rules. This leads me to believe that they are, in fact, enjoying their setlist. And even though its shit that a large number of people leave that venue and say "thats the BEST SHOW i've ever seen in my life" not because it REALLY is but because they feel that they have to say it AND because i've noticed a large number of people saying "this is my first concert" (and therefore can't compare it to other shows/other Muse shows) this is still the impression that I think most people are getting. Aside from this thread, the tour seems to be a major success. Every media outlet is licking their ass saying "WHAT A GREAT SHOW! I loved the pillars and lazers!" and every new fan is saying it was epic. Just writing this makes me angry. I really, really, REALLY hope things change before the summer...
  7. They may have had thousands of fans following throughout the states back in the day and maybe people would recognize a song or two but I can assure you that they were near being a "big" thing here. I've been talking about them for ages to anyone that would listen () and no one ever really knew who they were. All of a sudden you can't really run into people who haven't heard them. So i think that there is some truth to the idea that they are playing the setlist they have now to cater to new fans. I also think they do it because they enjoy playing this particular setlist. Someone said it a couple of pages ago and its true - do you really think these guys would be playing this setlist if they didn't enjoy it? They must be having fun and 95% of concert goers leave blown away, so its a win-win for them. Too bad its a fail for us!
  8. wow, I can't believe they had a jam session like that! Woo hoo, it gives me hope! And the smashing of the guitar is pretty great as well. Anyone else notice how the crowd didn't seem to be moving? When you could make out the pit, it seemed everyone was stationary. Oh well, that was still great! Wish I would have had the chance to see something like that!
  9. Assasin, hyper music and cave Why oh WHY isn't deadstar in there? And wtf is it with them putting TR album in there? They already toured the shit out of that album. Oh and i like how they'll "endeavor to play at least one out of the top 5 at every show" - jeez, thanks for that endeavor. g*d forbid you actually take those polls to heart and change around your setlist more from time to time!!!
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