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  1. Weird seeing himb with so much hair lol


    It looks awful :LOL:


    THIS x1000. Worst part of Drones era has easily been Chris' barnet - which speaks volumes for how on form the boys have been actually...


    +1 to all. hehe.


    the number of duckfaces he makes has also multiplied.


    I'll end up looking out for that now.


    Can't believe that Dom has the best hair now


    So true! :LOL:


    "Let me tell you how I'm feelin'..." *Dead Inside*


    pls dont let this become a thing


    never again matt




    I thought he was going to say "Feeling Good" at first.

    Yeah, Matt. Can you not?

  2. Yeah you might like Banter, they have an ongoing contest to see who dislikes new Muse/Muse fans more. Post that picture and maybe you'll win! :thumbsup:


    Umm, not really. :erm:

    New fans are more than welcome in Banter, it's people like you who put them off posting.

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