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  1. Hi <3

    How are you?

  2. Milan eh? A few of us talked about going to that gig. I have tickets for the Wembley gig but atm I want to find a Glasto ticket then I'll think about other stadiums lol.

    Dublin? Why Dublin?

    Or is that what you did for Dublin...did I meet you in Dublin?

  3. Emessen.

    You fiend.

  4. YES!!

    I need to book my flights but yes, I will be there I think! :D

    Did you get msn sorted? :)

  5. Lol no way was that you? I am only realising that now! So London wasn't the first time we met, when I was stumbling through the tube station shouting for Pope to stop and said HAI. :chuckle:

    Apparently more tickets will go on sale when people don't pay the rest of the money. I want to go to Glasto but if not there isn't much I can do lol.

    Where do you live then?

    Milan does sound pretty cheap, Limoges was cheap enough too...we got a good deal.



  6. I defriended like, 100 people. It was nothing personal. :(

  7. I recognised Niall from Teignmouth but thought you were just a friend of his.

    You didn't even say who you were! Fiend! :LOL:.

    Yeah it's on Sunday, Pope, Olly, Lo and I have to stay in Stansted on Saturday night because we wouldn't be there in time for the 8am flight. Good times! You should come visit us, we could have a meet in the terminal. :chuckle:

    Well yes and no, my first gig was Marlay last year, but I will have been to 7 this year. :facepalm:. I don't even want to think of how much money I have spent. Lol.

  8. Hey, come to the meet today!

  9. LOL.

    I was at work. Don't worry. I'm home now. :awesome:




    I posted pics and vids from last night. Thought you'd like to see. :$

  11. http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=8800190&postcount=511


    Last sentence will be relevant to your interests....appaz they don't do much....:

  12. Msn.


  13. O hai!

    Sleep yet?

  14. I have heard Bliss live, unfortunately it was my first Muse gig so I didn't appreciate it as much as I should. I also got to hear Dead Star and Space Dementia that night. <3


    TFM kicks TF's ass though. It's on a totally different level. If she'd scrapped all of TF bar LoveGame, Pokerface and Just Dance and kept those for TFM it would have been an amazing first album.

  15. Why aren't you on msn bb?


  16. I am, just about! how was your party?! :happy:

  17. Nah. My cousin never got back to me, I'm not impressed. So Ari and I watched a film/skyped for a while!

  18. Come on msn...:$

  19. Ari is great :yesey: although I hope he doesn't read this, his head would explode lol. Aww, why's Sip ignoring you?

  20. Haha aww! Has he spoken today?

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