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  1. I only just realised who this was.

    Name change totally confused me! :LOL:

    How are you?

  2. It's just above my shoulders.


  3. Yeah I'd say it has been a busy year, hard times for lots of people. Sigh.

    I work nights, so from 6-12 or sometimes 3-12:30am depending on when I am needed. Very tiring and completely messes up my sleep pattern coming home so late. Not that I come in any earlier on a night out, but...y'know? Not the same! :chuckle: Uni and work don't cross paths too often.


    We have been to quite a few, Teignmouth was epic. I was on the barrier on the first night, we were there at half 5 that morning - first people there. :D I was so proud! :chuckle: I really enjoyed the first night at the o2 despite the rubbish set. Probably because I was raving with everyone though, I barely looked at the stage :LOL:. Did you go both nights? I was seated on the Friday night.


    Yay Norn Iron! :D

  4. 5:30am indeed. The security told us we were 12 hrs early! :LOL: We were so stoked to be the first ones there :chuckle:. I did listen to the previews and I hated Resistance the most but I actually loved it when I heard it in full and I still do. UD was amazing that first night in Teignmouth too :chuckle:.


    I was seated quite near the stage, on Chris' side with Pope and Bob as I was Pope's +1. We had really good seats - I had a good rave to MK up there. :D I'm going to see them in America in April so I'm hoping for the awesomeness they are displaying now to continue. Or as you say, I'll throw more than beer mats! :D


    You are going to both nights at Wembley?

  5. Yes I am going to see Gaga. Well I'm meant to be. It's all a bit awkward at the minute as my ex has my ticket and he wants to go see her with me (standing tix you see) and I'd rather go alone than with him. :$ But, should be fine. :happy: I'm very excited! :D


    Any gigs coming up for you?


    And baths are ACE.

  6. Of course. I'm getting it cut slightly on Saturday, but only the layers, not the length.

  7. lol it made me laugh!!

  8. Hey, I'm good thanks.

    Cheers, it's a bit more red/pink than the violet colour it was intended to be :chuckle:. How are you?

  9. Hello! Yes I am good thanks, and yourself? :happy:

  10. It might, but we will see. If I re-dye it my hair might fall out...and I don't have that much to start with :chuckle:.

    Ah a 9-5'er? What's your call of work?

    My week is so so, going to a house party tomorrow night. Hurrah! :D

  11. Lemons are AWESOME. All zesty! Are you zesty?

    WE should talk. Sort it out.

  12. WAIT. You apparently deleted a message, what did it say?

    Also, I didn't realise you were 25.

  13. So which is it? 25 or 21? I'm confused. :( I'm 25 in March, that makes me feel slightly unwell.

    Do you still use msn? I don't but I would like to indulge in banter with you. I never see you on fb chat.

  14. Hah, I'm so afraid of turning 25. I want to avoid it. Alas! I haven't had my bus photo taken yet, I wonder if I'd get away with a fb pic? :awesome:


    MSN blows, I always appear offline these days. Very rarely sign in at that, I guess. Skype, laaaav it. Nope, wouldn't cost any more than usual. I'm on o2 UK, yo! Hit me up!

  15. I will have to fly or take a boat? lol

    Have you spoken to the girl who screwed you over yet?

    I really do love the name change hehe! :D

  16. :awesome:



    How are you?

  17. Oh no don't feel like that lol! I was only joking about, I wouldn't hate on a fellow Gaga lover. :happy: I feel bad now. :$

  18. Heh.

    I still haven't changed my undertitle. With it, my sig and avatar you'd think I was a member of Gaga's site, not Muse's.


    I'm listening to Exo III (not 4 lol) atm, it's awesome. <3

  19. Yes, I am glad I get to go home after and not worry about the cleaning up hehe. :D I have my money on certain people embarrassing themselves but that's mostly because I know them to well :chuckle:.


    Insolvency sounds interesting indeed - works with bankruptsy and liquidation etc? Or am I thinking of the wrong job description? :$:LOL:. Feel sorry for the people it affects I guess.


    Oh I work in a petrol station/shop/off licence combo part time when I'm not at uni but I'm looking for something more full time now that I am only in 1 day a week.


    I just read through the gigs you've attended, both o2 dates? I never ran into you at all. Sigh!

  20. I have long hair again. :awesome:

  21. It better happen. I will be sad if not. :(

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