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  1. Mkekko96.

    Shut up.

  2. Msn.


  3. No problem! :)

    Are you on msn?


  4. No way, im an epic fail!!

    Spider dom...Spider dom!


  5. No, I forget about it half the time because noone usually posts in it.

    I replied in mine and left a "<3" in yours.

  6. Not at all, I really liked it.

    I used to have a bebo skin with those little donut dudes in it, I just thought it was a random thing someone made - they are so cute!! :D

  7. O hai!

    Sleep yet?

  8. Ok, I wont be about until about 2pm though.

    3pm your time.

  9. Ooooh!

    Sorry! I got a load of random adds from people I didn't know so I just hit block on most of them! I'll sort that out now! I didn't do it intentionally.


  10. So which is it? 25 or 21? I'm confused. :( I'm 25 in March, that makes me feel slightly unwell.

    Do you still use msn? I don't but I would like to indulge in banter with you. I never see you on fb chat.

  11. tiem to sleep.

    viewing printable version. lol.

    dork <3




    I posted pics and vids from last night. Thought you'd like to see. :$

  13. tut tut!!


    we are members of jimmy kane airlines but not friends on the forum! shameful!! o well...tis sorted now! :D


  14. WAIT. You apparently deleted a message, what did it say?

    Also, I didn't realise you were 25.

  15. Why aren't you on msn bb?


  16. Yeah I got up about half 1 I think.

    Sundays are so lame.

  17. Yeah I'd say it has been a busy year, hard times for lots of people. Sigh.

    I work nights, so from 6-12 or sometimes 3-12:30am depending on when I am needed. Very tiring and completely messes up my sleep pattern coming home so late. Not that I come in any earlier on a night out, but...y'know? Not the same! :chuckle: Uni and work don't cross paths too often.


    We have been to quite a few, Teignmouth was epic. I was on the barrier on the first night, we were there at half 5 that morning - first people there. :D I was so proud! :chuckle: I really enjoyed the first night at the o2 despite the rubbish set. Probably because I was raving with everyone though, I barely looked at the stage :LOL:. Did you go both nights? I was seated on the Friday night.


    Yay Norn Iron! :D

  18. Yes I am going to see Gaga. Well I'm meant to be. It's all a bit awkward at the minute as my ex has my ticket and he wants to go see her with me (standing tix you see) and I'd rather go alone than with him. :$ But, should be fine. :happy: I'm very excited! :D


    Any gigs coming up for you?


    And baths are ACE.

  19. yes we are!

    norn iron ftw!

    how are you?

  20. Yes, I am glad I get to go home after and not worry about the cleaning up hehe. :D I have my money on certain people embarrassing themselves but that's mostly because I know them to well :chuckle:.


    Insolvency sounds interesting indeed - works with bankruptsy and liquidation etc? Or am I thinking of the wrong job description? :$:LOL:. Feel sorry for the people it affects I guess.


    Oh I work in a petrol station/shop/off licence combo part time when I'm not at uni but I'm looking for something more full time now that I am only in 1 day a week.


    I just read through the gigs you've attended, both o2 dates? I never ran into you at all. Sigh!

  21. YES!!

    I need to book my flights but yes, I will be there I think! :D

    Did you get msn sorted? :)

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