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  1. If the Belfast gig goes ahead it'll be the first time Muse have played an arena in Northern Ireland since 2006. Fans have had to make the trip to Dublin or go overseas to see them so please stop whining that there's not enough dates on the mainland. :rolleyes: Chances are they will add more thanks to "popular demand".

  2. I was speaking to a dude at Ticketmaster earlier who said the gig is going ahead, but he didn't know why it was removed from the site unless it was announced too early? It's been reported on UTV too! I'm down in Belfast tomorrow so I'll ask at the box office when I'm there and let you know the craic.

  3. Yeah that's really weird. The actual arena itself is still saying tickets on sale Friday, like the other dates announced today will be: http://www.ssearenabelfast.com/muse


    Ticketmaster confirmed it was taking place too so I'm guessing they released it early by accident?


    I had forgotten about this :stunned:


    Then again, knowing the band, they probably have too. Still, I'm tempted to take the gamble...


    I'm still torn whether to go if the tickets are indeed £70+ for standing. Although I've read else where tickets range from £45 and up?

  4. The Belfast gig is going ahead as far as I know, just not sure why they put it online and then removed it. I rang my local ticketmaster and asked if it was still happening and the guy said yes, and it's also running as a news story on our local channel. The arena tweeted about it too although have since removed their post on FB. Strange. Obv prematurely announced.


    Maybe we'll get Assassin in Belfast sooner than we think.

  5. Grown to like it? :chuckle:


    Wow. :LOL:


    Me too. :$


    I hated it when I first heard it.

    I think I'm just going to love it live. I can see myself singing/dancing to it with other noobs at the arena dates. It's the same with USoE, we have lots of fun dramatising it at live shows, lel.

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