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  1. I'm going to Belfast and I know I'm going to be disappointed. Which makes me sound like the worst first world problem motherfucker on the planet but there it is :awesome:


    Mate. No.

    We're gonna get Assassin. I'd also hedge a bet on Dead Star/CE/B&H...mebbe. They said they'll maybe play rare stuff in Belfast depending on how it goes down in SBE.


    Also come say hi to Dore and I!!

  2. So after Showbiz, Matt says: "That will be back, it might be back now."


    Sounds good for Reading - curiously, the last major festival they played it at IIRC :LOL:.


    I'm attending Belfast on Wednesday and I think people are getting way ahead of themselves in thinking Showbiz will be played - if anything it's going to be at Reading.

  3. Some fans just met Dom and he told them they can "expect some changes to the setlist tonight".


    I'm really getting excited now. Can't wait to see them do something crazy like swap the positions of Plug in Baby and Supermassive.




    Muse are cunts. Stuff like this is why I basically stopped caring about them.




  4. I have a bootleg.


    Hearing the assassin chants:


    "I saw that little hashtag via, today... I forgot to, ah, can't remember how it goes... (jam intro)... have to learn assassin next time, I can't remember it, dont want to fuck it up now.. (jam second riff)... we dont have the funny bass with the weird white string coming out of it... how does it go? (jam intro)... can we do, like, a metal version? Maybe we'll work it out for the next time, okay? [inaudible, haven't practiced it?] we've practiced this one though!"


    then US starts


    so yeah


    fair to believe him really...



  5. Ohh thought he played the intro in belfast last week.


    people actually believed him though? I mean... It's Bellamy :LOL:


    No, no. Last year.

    It's really not on though, he knew it was half expected to be played. If he didn't want to, that's fine - but don't play it a week later in a different city.

  6. They can't get it right can they :LOL:

    don't play it - get shat on

    do play it - SHOULD'VE PLAYED IT SOONER.


    Yeeeeah, you're missing the point.

    Bellamy played the intro in Belfast last year then bailed, said they would play it next time.

    So next time was last week, they were aware that fans wanted it and they didn't play it.

  7. Replying to this a bit late but it's not as if "being exhausted from being on tour" is an excuse for any of this considering it's been like this since the first dates of the US tour. Can't speak for what Mexico was like since I wasn't there.


    Equally late reply to you.


    I've watched it being thrown around here in the past though as an excuse for their shit attitude and setlists, it doesn't wash with me at all. It feels to me that they just can't be arsed, and it's not because they are tired. Call it a day, lads.

  8. That is actually bang on for last night, they looked bored and half arsed, maybe got to that stage of the tour where it's just same shit, different City.


    I actually left last night thinking that's the worse set I've ever seen them play and wish that I'd sold my ticket to my mate rather than £50 I wasted watching a piss poor set.


    Stage spectacle aside its a bit boring for hardcore fans and casuals alike. Give me simple stage setups and a few hundred fans anyday.


    I didn't go last night, I sold my ticket a few weeks ago and I am thoroughly glad I did. It's their job to entertain people, Matt wrote these songs so I'd half expect him to enjoy what he's doing. If he/they can't be arsed then maybe they should call it a day or stop playing as many dates.

  9. Knew this would happen sooner or later lmao. Appreciate the good ass sets that you're getting out there. :rolleyes:


    I didn't go to the gig, I had a feeling the set would be crap. Sold my ticket a few weeks ago. I'm disappointed for friends who did go and had read Dublin's set so were expecting something similar.


    Yeah no I reckon some Belfast fans would have slight reason to be gutted






    Also. Tom Kirk has said previously that Matt writes the sets.

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