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  1. Dia duit! ( Irish for hello ) =p

  2. Ahhh ok sorry :p Well you now know you have the same nickname as a coventry speedway rider hehehe!

  3. Hey bomber harris ....speedway fan then?

  4. Come on Matt! giz us another clue pweeesee:D:D:D:D my brain is offically turn to mush now lol

  5. yep sure will i say:P i hope they dont lose alot of fans tho like with black holes, coz they said the work gonna be different. you bought any tickets to go and see them?

  6. Hi :)you added me as friend ... thanks but ...do I know you?:p seen you like space me too:D:D:D

    Hope you get to see muse soon:)

  7. Hiya:D:D

    Hows things?

    You going to o2 Dublin? Got me tickets today xDxDxD pre-sale woop woop! Marley Park all over again lol....hope you some too:(:(

    Talk sooon

    Neeve xx

  8. hello chick *waves* hows you keeping?:D

    Hope your having fun at work. Back to skool on monday yuck! chilling n eatin my remains of chocolate before all the study :'( lol

    Can't wait for the new album...NEED IT NOW!!

    Take care girl!

    Neeve xx

  9. Hello!Hows things?:D

    Im good thanks:) any news?

  10. hello:D:D:D hows skool?

  11. Coooool!! I'd love to go to one of the festivals but when I go to book they always sold out :( :(So where u live then?

  12. Yes that sounds cool but I bet those tickets would b very expensive!! I think I perfer them on Earth!! So how come you never been to a Muse concert...u are missing soooooo much:D:D:D:D:D can't wait till they tour again!

  13. Hello! U ent been to a MUSE gig :O:O:O well that might be hard since you live on Mars!! Wait till next year when they finish their next album then they will be on tour again and go to as many concerts as you like!!:D:D So you a new Muse fan??

  14. Hello:D went to see MUSE play at Marlay Park up in Dublin on the 13th of august!! It was brilliant!! visit my youtube page got videos up!

  15. Hello!! i loved Prague...didnt want to come home!! it is a beautiful city, im gonna go back again no doubt about it!!! MUSE was great too!! amazing concert!

    Might talk to ya on the chat if u on!!


  16. Hello!! Im goin to Prague on 5th and coming home on the 9th!! Im sure I will enjoy it no matter what the weather is like!! Will talk to you when I come back and let you know how I got on! Niamh:D:D

  17. Hello!! i am very good thanks how r u??

    yes i am going to Prague on the 5th of August, can not wait!!! Hope the weather is good!!

    Niamh :):)

  18. hello!!!!! mines hot too so shut it!!!!!

    hope u have a nice holiday!!!#talk soon


  19. I love ur profile pic!!!!!!

  20. hello!!!!!!!!!

  21. Ahoj!!!!

    How are you??

    just studying 4 my exams tomorrow!!!!

  22. Hello

    Yep I live on a farm so have loads of room!!2 dogs "Kimmy" and "Milly" and help bring in the cows they sheepdogs so they black and white. I have 6 cats!!!I won't name them because it take forever!!!But all black and white too!!

    Glad you feeling better!! I hate being sick but then you get to stay off school and read loads of books in bed and listen to MUSE!!!

    Keep rocking!!!

  23. Hope you feeling better today!!!

    It very sunny here in Ireland for once so i'm outside playing guitar to my dogs and cats!!


  24. ahoj!

    Hows your day been??

    Might be on later so talk then!


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