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  1. Anyone manage to get backstage afterward? I considered it to get my poster signed but decided against.. I figured they'd be making a pretty quick exit as they have another show today.
  2. Yeah we both 29, they just wouldnt let him back after a beer run. Ah well he's happy up in the balcony Me too!! center stage Many big cameras here, wow. 4 behind me
  3. Uh they're not letting anyone under 21 on the floor. There are many over 21 here, make a stink if they shut you out!
  4. This line totally pales to the Webster hall line. Don't worry about rushing here!
  5. I'm wandering NYC today, can be down there in a flash if a +1 opens up. I'd buy you a fancy dinner!!
  6. Definitely the heaviest Muse crowd I've ever partied with. I was one of the dudes on Chris' side (started on Matt's but migrated over)- I feel like we threw down the hardest of any show, ever. Was amazing. If any of you guys are reading this (you know who you are), you're amazing. Gonna try to get into the iheart show tomorrow otherwise seeya in LA
  7. In line now, it has wrapped onto 12st. Damn it's tough not to be nervous about floor!
  8. Gonna be in line around 6, think there'll be any issue of just getting on the floor period? I don't wanna be stuck in on a balcony!
  9. Yeah sure, I don't plan on being down there till 1-2 hours preshow though. Anything around the Mayan in terms of eats/drink?
  10. Hey I was at that show, was my first Muse gig :D Oh wow Micro Cuts?? I don't have recollection of that.. Damn my awful memory!!!
  11. Get a grip?? So they're playing Fury?!
  12. I've always found lining up is key for barrier, but if you're okay with hanging in/around the pits you can show up an hourish before. Which is my plan!
  13. My buddy had a broken ankle but still wanted to be in the pits. I still have massive respect for him from that day. Mayhem
  14. It got incredibly sketchy towards the end. The swarms down the stands trying to overwhelm the security guards... The giant mosh pits with huge angry dudes... The bonfires, eventually helicopters. I feel like that one almost got outta hand.
  15. Especially sitting out in the hot sun ALL DAY. That was such a marathon, then having RATM work the huge crowd up into a frenzy at the end. I was a shell of a human being at the end of that. Looking forward to a much more concise concert with a setlist that can only be better
  16. Yeah I read a guy in the NYC thread just needed his Mom's ID/Credit card to pick up. If your dad is physically there to get the tickets from will call you should be fine. Still, it's worth a call ahead. I remember chatting with you at LA Rising . You gave line updates for my friend and I, who were very hungover and slow moving
  17. REDACTED: Me foolishly posting about being excited to see Muse Neat, read this right after I posted. Maybe the reason nobody is posting about getting tickets is because it's so shitty in here. It's really hard to be a fan on these boards
  18. Yeah I don't mean to totally discount something fishy, just pointing out the presale numbers were about what you'd expect. For nobody to come forward with tickets for the general sale is definitely weird. One big difference between the LA/NYC shows is that Muse have been known to spend a lot of time in LA, the VIP list has gotta be larger as a result.
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