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  1. :shifty:


    I don't know what you're talking about....



  2. No no, over the WHOLE game, not just the first half. :LOL:

  3. It's the stupid conspiracy stuff that gets me. :LOL:


    By the way, Barca is playing Los Angeles on Saturday. Guesses on how much Barca wins by? :D

  4. No idea. I thought about posting something along the lines of:


    "I think USOE sucks since it's all just a rip-off of Queen. Oh and Matt should try composing his own piano solos instead of being all 'OLOL CHOPIN' since it gets boring really fast to rip off good composers."


    Though that might be pushing it a little though. :LOL:

  5. The same really. Although all the lulz in the Main Muse section provide entertainment. :LOL:

  6. How are you doing darling?

  7. Well yeah, but you'll still be FROM Colorado. I'm moving off in a few weeks too. :LOL:

  8. You're the only other person from Colorado that I've seen on here.



  9. Kadddddddddddy.


    Hai Hai bb.



  10. Bad couple of days

  11. Definitely. Enjoying something is 90% of being successful at it. :)

  12. I'm sure you'll be great, especially since you've been getting ready for this for so long.


    Wow, 6-21.. That takes dedication

  13. No way! Soooo jealous. Sounds like you'll have a blast. :D Are you in a group or on your own?

  14. Oh yeah, I'm a part time percussionist. I haven't been doing it for quiiiite as long as you have, only about a year, but it's a lot of fun. :happy:

  15. Taiko Drumming?!? :eek:


    I love Taiko Drumming. :happy:

  16. I'm pretty good, just finished my first year a couple of weeks ago, so I'm on holiday as well. :)




  18. It's alright, I've been in and out the last few days as well.


    So how are things?

  19. Hi Caff!


    Just passing through tonight and thought I'd say Hi! :)

  20. It's a long story. lol

  21. Ah, yeah. It's gone. heh.



    :D That's awesome!

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