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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Of course I'll wait. I guess your inbox is full, can't PM you,


    It's great to hear that it was such a special gig experience, espacially coming from you who has been at 50 concerts. Makes it even more special for me. It was really nice meeting you all.


    I'll be waitung paitently, I'll wait for a sign ;o).



    Kind regards



  2. The pyro was intense it was frickin' hot and when I arrived at home after the gig I had a bunch of smut in my face.
  3. I just read in a german magazine that the girl with the baby was in fact Kate Hudson with Bing . You couldn't really see her (she was at the Robot when it still was covered), but Bing had ear muffs in neon green or yellow - can't really remember.
  4. It was so nice to meet all of you . Also it was quite a special gig. The never played this long in Germany and we got Bliss <3. Did he do the Brigde-Falsetto in Bliss? I totally lost myself and was in a strange state.... it's like I didn't realize what was going on . But obviously the crowd went nuts during Bliss. I'm at work right now. Arrived at 02:30 a.m and got up this mornig at 8 o'clock . EDIT: Could you guys from the muser meetup send me the photos you took? If your willing just write me a PM and I'll reply with my e-mail adress. Cheers Sebastian
  5. I guess they'll start at 19.30 - 20 p.m. and play about 2 hours. Where do you have to go? You will probably miss half of the gig and that totally sucks!
  6. That would be the other option. If there are already accounts let's use them
  7. Hey guys nice to see that organizing things worked out. I won't make it in time but would wanna join the muser meetup later. As I've seen, there are a few people here who'd like to join later. So I got this idea: How about a twitter account designated just for the meetup, where the location is posted in intervals and the users can immediately respond? Password could be posted in this thread so everybody can login and post. Also we could communicate via that plattform if people would like to join in the cinema or something.
  8. I guess there will be no catwalk, but that's just a guess :>. Do you think we'l get the roulette thing with Dead Star vs. Micro Cuts vs. New Born vs. Stockholm Syndrome? Just imagining one of the first two makes me .
  9. Just booked the hotel next to the Waldbühne, shit just got real. I enjoy the idea of a muser meeting, I'll keep looking in this thread. Actually it's awfully quiet just this few days before the concert here.
  10. That ugly moment, when you realize that someone replied to your post in which you asked if they were traveling from Hanover.... and I'm like: Damn I just checked the thread after the gig Nonetheless it was an outstanding venue !
  11. Hahah, finally after four years on this board I heard something hidden by myself . Survival-Live: I really think the piano sounded a little off in Cologne and the Roundhouse. Also he is really lazy with the vocals. Just like FabriPav said above. "And I light the fuuuuu 'N I'll never looooo" Otherwise I really like the song, especially the choirs sound way different with decent sound. I heard the album with some badass senheiser headphones and during that I found that hidden sound .
  12. Has anyone noticed this wierd little beeping sound at about 0:44 when he sings "I'm *bleep* gonna win"? You really need a good sound system or headphones, but I'm always wondering if that's hidden there on purpose.
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