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  1. Lucky you! I tried and tried and tried and just couldn't get anything
  2. As someone who has seen Muse in different parts of the world, I can tell you Mexico fans are quite rowdy and passionate and to be in that pit is insane (GOOD insane), so I'd definitely reccomend Mexico City. Other than Musebay, there are a couple facebook pages where you can find Tickets: Origin Of Black Holes and Muse Mexico, there are some people who are selling their 17/18 tickets because they got a 20th Ticket. Hope this helps!
  3. *raises hand* My dilemma at the moment is, should I camp overnight or queue really really ridiculously early? Anyways, see you there!!
  4. Some additional info on the 48hrs thing: I've emailed them myself (just to make triple sure they dont cancel my tickets) and they have bypassed the 48hr cancellation for all orders I made for the Muse shows. Hope it helps.
  5. I just got the email you were talking about. Hm. It kinda sucks, but Ticketmaster MX has (in the past) been cool about it. They are strict about this rule, but willing to overpass it if you have a valid reason. I went to Mexico to see 30STM a couple years ago and had this exact situation, and what I did was the following: - I emailed them (in spanish), explaining that I had bought the tickets and understood will call was up to 48hrs previous to the show, and mentioned that I had a problem with that, since I was not arriving until the day of the show. (If you need help with the writing, I still have a copy of the email I sent them) They answered and told me that, due to my specific situation, they had made an exception to my tickets and they were not going to be cancelled if not picked up 48hrs before. I was allowed to pick them up at the venue (which I did, on the day of the show). (Their exact answer was: There is no problem, we have modified your order to ensure your tickets do not get cancelled. You will be able to pick them up the day before the show as you requested, or up to 2 hours before the show at the Venue Ticketing Office. "No hay ningun problema, hemos modificado su cuenta para que sus boletos no sean cancelados y los pueda recoger en un centro Ticketmaster el dia 7 como me comenta o bien en la taquilla del evento 2 hrs antes.") I hope this helps some! I have been told that they are otherwise rather strict with this rule. If you don't contact them chances are they will cancel the tickets! :S Let me know if you need a bit more assistance
  6. No, weird, i haven't received anything... When will you arrive? If you want you can post the message here so we can see...
  7. You guys, I just read on FB that there was yet another date added to the roster of shows in Mexico City! That makes it FOUR. Four shows. Holy crap. My heart and wallet and body cannot take this lol. I wish I could go to them all!
  8. Puedes intentar el MuseBay! Listas los boletos que deseas vender o cambiar, y pues, con suerte alguien te lo cambia. De igual manera espera algunos dias que la venta general pase, tal vez haya gente que si quiera cambiar contigo luego de eso! Suerte
  9. EARLY. From previous experience with multi-date shows, some people usually start queuing as early as the time the previous concert ends. Although for the third date this may not apply, after two stratight GA shows I bought seated tix for the third, I dont know if I could take three GA shows.
  10. ENVIDIAAAAAAA! I can't tickets for the 19th yet bcoz I'm not in MX and don't have a Banamex card to get them online... I hope to get one on friday!! And yes, 2nd night syndrome plz!
  11. The second date has opened up! First date tickets are selling ridiculously fast, so get yours while you can for the second date! Tickets are on sale at ticketmaster MX already. Here's the official poster with both dates listed
  12. Guys, the SECOND DATE HAS OPENED UP!! Ticketmaster is already selling the second date. (I fucking knew it!) Only problem is, we'll have to wait until friday, because the only way to get them online rnow is with a Banamex credit card...
  13. Highly likely we are getting the pyramid stage (which is, fantabulastic, but yeah.) I hope to got we are not getting the short playlist tho! What I am still clinging onto is the small thread of hope that they will open another date in DF. IDK. A girl can dream.
  14. FYI for anyone else, here's the venue map (I took it from the Paramore show since there's not a Muse venue map yet, but it'll be like this!) Yellow will be GA (Pista), the ones that are abt MXN$1175 Green will be Level D, the ones that are abt MXN$720 Red will be Level E, the ones that are abt MXN$385
  15. Thanks! You know, I saw some reports on the mexican fansites that it actually started like 45min early (I guess someone screwed it up at TM) and then they closed it when they realized it. IDK. Anyways, I just hope it's not insane on friday (I have a feeling it will be...) But see you there!
  16. About 50,000... I would have loved foro sol instead of palacio. I just saw the Killers there and it's just a much better venue.
  17. Trying to figure that out myself. Since there are only three sections, you might get the first seating section as well... if I'm not mistaken, the layout would allow that and then the upper two seating sections would be E and the last would be D. That's my guess tho. Dude. That was a crazy presale, I barely managed to get one ticket! I still need two more
  18. IDK, I also think it would have been a nice option. In fact, previous information said that they were going to play in Arena Cd Mexico. Muse has played in Palacio before. I suppose they feel comfortable, production-wise and etc. And it might be a better fit for their stage. Idk.
  19. It's going to be AMAZING! Mexico shows are intense. We'll be going with my cousin and some friends, probably, from Guatemala see you there! Before this date was confirmed, there was a rumour that two dates were planned for Mexico City. Still hoping to that tiny thread of hope for a second show to be announced...
  20. Just arrived to Strasbourg! Lovely place, Anyone at the venue already? Jaja.
  21. Hi! Sent you a msg about your Strasbourg ticket! let me know! :)

  22. Thanks for the tip! I'll check those out, hopefully I'll find my ticket. Cheers!
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