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  1. my dad thinks they are great, and that Matt plays good guitar. my mom get headache of most of the songs, but she likes all the love and slow songs
  2. Most likely the worst idea i have ever heard... Muse are makeing not rock not anything u can desribe they have they own genre they are very good and special Muse"ians i dont think that mainstream metal we make them better in anyway...
  3. Hejsa jeg er dansk da da da ;D
  4. 1. Time Is Running out 2. Bliss 3. Blackout 4. Plug In Baby 5. The Small Print 6. Stockholm Syndrome 7. Knights Of Cydonia 8. Dark Shines 9. Feeling Good 10. Map Of Yourhead 11. Starlight 12.Sunburn 13.Supermassive 14. Butterflies and Hurricanes 15. Cave 16. Apocalypse Please 17. Blackout 18. In Your World ---------------- 19. New Born 20. Blackout
  5. TIRO: Grey Blackout: Red and black Starlight: Bright White BFAH: Mix STockSyn: Green, red SuperMassive: Black And.....
  6. I personally think that its Map Of Your Head; I'm sick of feeling my soul To people who'll never know Just how purposeless and empty they've grown Because the language confuses like computers refuse to understand how I'm feeling today I think it is trying to say that machines is takeing control over ourself and we are no longer the creative beings we once were. and that we are all the same. infact the creative side of the brain is getting more and more less used. I think its a good song, with a good view. and u think about what Matt sings.. I rly like lyrics in blackout also, and ofc the lyris in Invicinble. All in All, Matt's Lyrics and songs are all good. they all have a meaning and a thing they want to show. that why he is a cravtive genius.
  7. First song i heard was New Born, i saw the music vision on the telly then after a week about Absulitons and then il just moved from phase to phase Well, i think New Born means abit more than other songs even the name "new born". like getting a new borned taste of music
  8. Well, there is many good moments on that lovely dvd - i like Matts dance at Supermassive black holes . Also love how he freaks out in the end of New Born . But the thing il like mostly is the Starlight light show, i think its rly cool
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