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  1. Haha it would be hilarious, but then we would be just like them D= But it is very very tempting
  2. It just shows they can't think of any other reason to hate Muse, they obviously secretly like them....
  3. omgz i haz a gr8 idea, letz make a "muse facebook h8 group - h8 group".... that was a joke.
  4. I'm gonna get a little bit sentimental and say I love you guys for hating the Muse hate group as much as I do xxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Or seen the many times that they have swapped instruments on various TV shows? They are far from emo, they are hilarious. The people in that group are so ignorant they probably have difficulty functioning.
  6. It's grown by about 100 in less than 2 hours though which worries me... People who hate Muse hate music!
  7. Haha I swear the amount of members has gone up since I made this thread because people have joined it to tell them they are wrong!
  8. I think they just went with the old cliche of "Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Thunder, The Beatles" That's what everyone says when they can't think of anything.
  9. Haha that amused me too, how barely anyone has joined it.... I just hate people who shove thier opinions down other peoples throats. I don't mind people criticising others, but until they have 5 amazing studio albums, 2 live albums and have sold out wembley stadium a few times, then they don't have much right to be calling Muse "shit".
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