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    Brainiac,Myths Busters,Happy Tree Friends and othres....
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    all albums and all song i found and few concerts:X:X:X
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    Romania concert on 06.10.2007 xD:X
  1. Are you going to any more Muse concerts soon? They have announced even more this time! :D

  2. Thanks for the add!!!! Hey, did u make that jacket yourself? (the one in ur pics) I LIKE! :)

  3. Thanks for the friendly add!

  4. Hey That game you sent me was really funny! I got stuck on level 7 for ages lol! Cheers :)

  5. Johnny! :happy: Nice to meet you ;)

    My name in english would be like: Janet Monique Dominique xD so just call me AM ;)


    I'm good, thanks :happy: I drew Matt portrait today (finally, he doesn't look like some cartoon thingy) and now I'm doing my homeworks :happy: Then I'll play guitar :ninja: How's you? :happy:

  6. ;)) is not secret:P my name is johnny:P in english and i m from romania (:

    I m thinking at my Map of the Probleamatique:D

    how are u?

  7. :pimp:

    So who are you? :shifty: or better - what's your name? :p (if it's not a secret :shifty:)

  8. MerryCrimboMusers.jpg

    Have a good one :D:xmas::kiss:

    x x

  9. nice to meet you Johnny..:D

    i'm Irene from Russia (Moscow);)


    you have a nice photos..in your album..:rolleyes:

  10. hy:D thx 4 add :D .i m johnny :D from romania:P

  11. Hi!! how's going?:)

    I'm Irene;)

    and you?:rolleyes:;)

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