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  1. Mega. And almost as good is the bit of Matt chat at either end of it. BTW anyone else get a second of white(ish) noise at the end of the file? It's on the .wav, not sure about the .mp3. Might want to turn the volume down a bit after the song ends, just in case! Edited to add: weird, only getting that noise burst when playing in VLC, where it says the file's 4:44 long. On everything else it says the file length is 4:43 and there's no unexpected noises.
  2. The email says that ticketholders for London or Mcr "will be contacted by their ticket agents and offered the opportunity to swap tickets for Bristol before the tickets go on general sale if they would prefer to go to that show". My bit in bold there. Seeing as tickets for Brisle go on sale on Friday, they've theoretically got a couple more days to get in touch with us. This also now explains that publicity image including Bristol that was put out to announce the album release. Not sure what to do now - as Bristol is a lot easier for me, and much smaller stadium, but London is easier for other half. Decisions, decisions..
  3. Plexiglas/acrylic is very heavy - and also quite brittle, so wouldn't really go with Matt's 2.4kg weight limit - or penchant for abusing guitars
  4. Try holding the shift button and then pressing refesh on your browser to make sure you load the new site. Might be that some of the old one is still in your cache and messing things up. The new site should have a new slimmed down top bar, and immediately underneath, a full width video for Pressure - with the others stacked underneath and a load more content beneath those.
  5. This seems to be one of those times when the excuse of 'security' is used to pump up the venue's profits. Although I guess the advantage of an outright ban is that the door staff don't have to check whether the clear liquid in your bottle is what you say it is. Mind you if security is the be-all and end-all, why was the metal detector wand being used seemingly at random?? Great gig. We were on level 4 this time almost dead centre so great view of the stage and screens, but felt a bit, ummm, disconnected maybe. It's such a different experience, maybe more like watching a movie of the gig than going to it. Glad we tried it but back to standing next time. Good to hear Sunburn again too - but maybe like someone said up there, a bit more setlist rotation and rarities would be cool - esp on a long residency where you just know some fans are gonna go more than once.
  6. Hahahaha, did exactly that on the T2L tour, but the other way round. Went to the NIA and found some boyband playing there. We weren't the only ones either (names redacted to protect the guilty). Thankfully jumped back in car and got the NEC in plenty of time for Muse. Band/setlist/presentation stunning, which is even more surprising that the crowd were a bit flat. Where we were it went jumpy during TIRO but the rest of the time, not so much. Wonder whether it's something to do with this gig being one of the extra shows - and thereby more tix going to more casual fans - whereas the original group of gigs will have been nabbed by the hardcore Musers who wanted to go the most. And certainly true that those at either end of the arena lose the view of the flank screens that the sides get, and the guys don't spend that much time at the ends either. So not quite every seat a good seat. Still not seeing the point of Starlight *and* Mercy being on the same setlist either as they basically do the same job. All in all though, brilliant and chuffed to be getting a second go next week. Now seriously debating whether to try and get out of the wedding we're supposed to be going to on Glastonbury weekend...
  7. Same here, for both O2 dates. Starting to get on my nerves!!
  8. You want the whole thing or just audio? I got the latter.
  9. Don't dislike, but it could make way for other songs now. Feel a bit the same about PIB and TIRO. And by the sound of things Dom has gone back to the 2010 single kick drum rather than the galloping beat, which loses this a bit of energy too. Being picky now, I know!
  10. Was thinking the same thing. New holy Manson is very pretty too.
  11. It would be amazing to actually *get* Defector tonight, as much as I love Uprising
  12. The funniest part of that is when the streamers went off during Mercy. Streamers completely messing up a stream. Hope that stack gets rebuilt in time for the encore.
  13. Reapers, yes! And, random question. Has Matt got something round his neck or is it a sticking plaster??
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